U2 Dublin 3Arena Dates Will Offer Fans Something New

U2’s Dublin gigs have sold out in quick time along with 2 concerts in Belfast. Lucky ticket holders can expect something different as the small arena shows are in great contrast to U2’s big stadium shows.

U2 have had a tough year thus far with the latest album supposedly force fed to millions of I Phone users around the world. Bono having a serious accident that prevents him from playing the guitar in the future. But thankfully the new Innocence and Experience tour has changed U2 year for the better.

U2 tour concert at 3Arena

The line up combines the new material with all the old classics. But in a very personal context and theme. Old movies and animations from the bands earlier years proved very striking and effective.

In fact some of the video and 3D effects provide a real treat. Bono and Edge seemingly interacting with the video animation. Very expensive I’m sure to create but worth every penning for all the fans.

Again U2’s ability to keep things fresh has led to good reviews from the USA leg of the tour. Highlighting with 10 nights in a row in Madison Square Garden all sold out.

If you are going to the Dublin Gigs remember we have ink for high pixel concert images in our Dublin ink shop. Really capturing the moment from 3Arena Dublin.

Paul Johnston

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