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Customer Reviews

epson Epson XP412 ink cartridges Review by Jeremy

Excellent Value, have bought several times. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

HP Laserjet M401N toner Review by Jarek

Great product. It lasted for about 5 to 6 months. I do not use my printer very frequently. But I was quite surprised with the life of these toner cartridges. I would recommend this product! (Posted on 29/09/2017)

Tn2220 Review by D Mallon

I could print only 2,600 pages approximately. I thought this toner cartridge would produce around 3,000 pages. Although, they are less costly but they could have a higher yield than this. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

HP Laserjet 1012 ink Review by John McCann

Great price and really fast shipping. These toner cartridges gave a page yield of 3,000 pages approximately per toner and produced excellent results. Good replacement at half the cost of the genuine Hp product. I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

HP toner ce285x Review by Sean Sloan

This toner cartridge worked well with my printer. They were quite affordable and cheaper than the original HP ones. Found no issues with the product. Very happy and satisfied with the purchase. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

TZE231 labels Review by Maurice Stokes

These Compatible Brother TZE231 label tapes are perfect. The quality is superb and the installation process is simple. Thanks for this great product. Only downside the courier delivered to the wrong houses it took a few days to get them. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

CF280A generic toner Review by Didzie

Excellent product and speedy delivery. I could not believe that the product arrived just within 11 hours after I made the purchase. The product box contained a set of instructions for the replacement of the cartridges. I faced no problems while installing them. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

DYMO S0722400 Review by Derek

These Dymo S0722400 99012 labels were low priced and I made savings on my order. Initially there was a problem in loading the labels into the printer. But later on they worked very fine and produced great results. I would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 29/09/2017)

Printer Reviews

HP Photosmart 5515 Printer Review:

Another efficient multifunction printer from HP, the HP Photosmart 5515 combines the function of printer, scanner and copier into one compact design. The device best suits for home users as it produces high quality photos, copies and everyday documents from greeting cards to recipes.

The HP Photosmart 5515 ink printer has a structured design measuring 17.2 x 5.8 x 12.8 inches. It delivers a resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for coloured papers and 1,200 x 6,00 for monochrome sheets. The device has a control panel with various input touch buttons. It supports eprint and Apple AirPrint. It works with a print speed of 11 ppm for black and white files and 7.5 ppm for colour files, respectively.

The device weighs approx. 11.2 lbs and have two paper trays. The input tray can hold up to 80 sheets and, on the other hand, the capacity of output tray is 15 sheets. It produces everyday documents with laser quality texts.

  • Produces borderless photo printing
  • Supports ePrint and AirPrint
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dedicated photo printing
  • Lacks fax support
  • Low capacity cartridges
  • Poor paper feed system
  • Low capacity cartridges

This multifunction HP Photosmart 5515 ink printer is perfect for the needs of home users to print everyday documents. Although its attractive design and easy to use touch panel adds up more to its competency with other printers. However, at the same, time it also lacks many advanced features such as eFax and ADF.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement cartridges for HP Photosmart 5515 ink are:

  • HP364 XL (CN684EE ) black
  • HP364 XL (CB323EE ) cyan
  • HP364 XL (CB324EE ) magenta
  • HP364 XL (CB325EE ) yellow

How to solve the ink cartridge problem of HP Photosmart 5515 printer?

The HP Photosmart 5515 printer may produce poor prints if you are using old, dried out, defective or dirty cartridges or may be your cartridges have not been used since long time. By replacing or reinstalling the cartridges, cleaning the clogged printheads or if needed by cleaning the cartridge contacts one can get rid of such troubleshooting issues:

1. Try removing and reinserting the cartridges. Make sure the cartridges are installed in the correct slots.

2. If reinserting the cartridges does not work for you, try cleaning cartridge contacts this would solve the problem and will result in better prints.

To clean cartridge contacts

CAUTION: The cleaning procedure should take only a few minutes. Make sure that the HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges are reinstalled in the product as soon as possible. It is not recommended to leave the ink cartridges outside the product longer than 30 minutes. This could result in damage to both the printhead and the ink cartridges. Check the steps for cleaning:

  1. Check that power is on
  2. Open the cartridge access door
    Wait for the print carriage to move to the ink label part of the product
  3. Press tab on the cartridge indicated in the error message, then remove it from slot
  4. Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the bottom pointing up and locate the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge. The electrical contacts are four small rectangles of copper or gold-coloured metal on the bottom of the ink cartridge
  5. Wipe only the contacts with a dry swab or lint-free cloth. Be careful to touch only the contacts, and do not smear any of the ink or other debris elsewhere on the cartridge.
  6. On the inside of the product, locate the contacts in the printhead. The contacts look like a set of four copper or gold-coloured pins positioned to meet the contacts on the ink cartridge
  7. Use a dry swab or lint-free cloth to wipe the contacts
  8. Reinstall the HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges
  9. Close the access door, and check if the error message has gone away
  10. If you still receive the error message, turn the product off, and then on again

3. If your problem is still not resolved, try replacing HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges. Refer the user manual to replace the cartridges with the new one.

Most Common FAQs for HP Photosmart 5515:

Q. Do I have to replace all the ink cartridges even if only one of them is running low or I replace only one of the HP Photosmart 5515 colour cartridge that has been run out? A. No, you don’t have to replace all the HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges at the time. You can replace only the ink cartridge that has been run out. The HP Photosmart 5515 printer makes use of the individual HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges. So you can replace each colour individually when they runs out. This also helps to reduce any ink wastage.

Q. The printouts contain ink smear. How can I stop this?
If ink smear appears on the printouts, then try to clean ink smear from the printer display. This process takes few minutes. A full-size plain paper is required to be loaded and will be moved to and fro during the cleaning process.

  1. To clean ink smear from the printer display, you must follow the steps as described below:
  2. Touch the right directional key from the home screen. Now touch the Setup icon.
  3. Now, touch Tools. After this, touch the down arrow to scroll through the options, and then touch Clean Ink Smear. The smear must be cleaned now.

Q. Does XL cartridge can be used for the HP Photosmart 5515 printer?
Yes, the printer supports the use of XL cartridges. These HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges have high capacity than standard cartridges and also offers more saving to the one having regular printing needs.

Q. My printer is displaying an error message “The Indicated Ink Cartridges Must Be Replaced” even I have recently replaced the ink cartridge. How to solve this?
This can be due to various reasons. You can try out following checks, if you have encounter this problem. Please refer the user manual for step by step instructions.

  1. Ensure that the cartridges are compatible with your printer
  2. Check if the cartridges are inserted correctly.
  3. You can remove and reinsert the cartridges.
  4. You must clean the cartridge contacts to ensure correct installation.
  5. You can restart the printer. Many of times, the problem gets solved by this.

Q. At present I am using HP 364 cartridges in my HP Photosmart 5515 printer. Will these HP 364XL ink cartridges work with my HP 5515 printer or will they be too large for it?
A. Yes, both of these 364 and 364 XL ink cartridges are compatible with your HP Photosmart 5515 printer model and work perfectly fine with it. The HP 364XL cartridges are just high capacity ink cartridges with high ink volume content as compared to the standard HP 364 cartridges.

Q. My iPad just popped up with a message showing “low ink”. How would I know which HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridge is low on ink or do I have to replace all the cartridges with the new ones?
A. Your HP Photosmart 5515 printer should indicate for the low ink cartridge. You should consult the user manual on how to determine the low level ink cartridge for your printer. It would be unusual that all four cartridges run out of ink at the same time.

Q. Can you please confirm that these HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges (HP 364xl) work with my HP Photosmart Plus B209a printer?
A. Yes, these HP 364XL ink cartridges are compatible with your HP B209a printer model and work fine with it.

Q. Do I have to replace all the cartridges for my HP Photosmart 5515 if any one of them run out of ink or I can replace the individual one?
A. No, there is no need to replace all four cartridges for your HP 5515 printer model if any one of them run out of ink. You can individually replace the cartridge which has run out of ink. This is an extra benefit with the HP Photosmart 5515 printer which helps in reducing ink wastage.

Q. Is it possible to use all XL cartridges in my printer, other than the black one?
A. Yes, we have XL cartridges for all the colours and they can be used with the specified compatible printer models listed on the specific cartridge page. You should confirm the correct printer model number first and look for all the compatible high capacity ink cartridges with them.

Q. There is no ink volume content listed on the cartridges I bought. Can you please tell me about the ink volume for these compatible high capacity HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges?
A. The ink volume content for these compatible high capacity HP Photosmart ink cartridges 364XL are as follows:

  1. CN684EE (HP364XL) Black - 18.6ml
  2. CB323EE (HP364XL) Cyan - 14.6ml
  3. CB324EE (HP364XL) Magenta - 14.6ml
  4. CB325EE (HP364XL) Yellow - 14.6ml

Q. I am having issues while scanning with my HP Photosmart 5515 printer. Would you be able to help me out on this?
A. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the technical assistance regarding the printer. You can consult the provided user manual with the printer or you can directly contact the HP for the assistance.

Q. I just purchased compatible multipack of 4 HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges for my HP 5515 printer. I have inserted all the cartridges in the printer but I am unable to print the documents. Please help
A. For your HP Photosmart 5515 printer to work it is necessary that they you have inserted all the individual cartridges i.e. Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow in their specific slots and they are locked in to the base. If there is any mis-matched cartridge in the printer it will not print.

Q. What is the ink volume capacity for these original HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges?
A. The ink volume capacity for these original HP Photosmart 5515 ink cartridges are mentioned below: Black cartridge - 18ml Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridge - 6ml

HP Photosmart Plus E All In One B210a Printer Review:

HP Photosmart B210a is an all in one printer facilitating web apps, printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities. This printer is designed for home use with easy touch and affordable printing.

The device comes with a large touchscreen and easy web navigation that makes it environment-friendly printer. It’s a compact device that measures 17.8’’ x 15.79” x 7.83”. It has a 3.45’’ touch display screen with three touch buttons at the bottom of the panel, which light up when their relevant tasks take place. The screen itself is responsive as it includes gesture recognition.

HP Photosmart B210a ink have two paper trays; one is capable of holding up to 125 sheets of A4 paper while the other one can hold up to 20 sheets of blank photo papers. The maximum print resolution is 600 x 600 dpi for black/white prints and 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for coloured prints. It also has card reader slot at the front bottom and it is capable of directly printing your image/files from dual SD and/or memory stick card. The printer uses high-quality HP Photosmart B210a inks that produce great quality images and graphic prints.

  • Supports wide range of apps such as Eprint and AirPrint
  • Supports fax function
  • Large touchscreen with gesture recognition system
  • Supports PC and Macintosh systems and products
  • Powered photo tray
  • Responsive touch panel
  • Good print quality
  • Dual paper trays
  • High running cost due to excessive use of ink
  • No USB socket
  • No duplex prints

HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridge is a good value printer for those who wants to print their digital photographs instantly. It’s large touch screen with easy print facility and web navigation has gained a wide acceptance in the market. It includes many features such as dual paper trays, wireless connection, and touchscreen control although it lacks duplex prints.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement cartridges for HP Photosmart B210a ink are:

  • 364 XL (CN684EE ) black
  • 364 XL (CB323EE ) cyan
  • 364 XL (CB324EE ) magenta
  • 364 XL (CB325EE ) yellow

How to resolve printing issues of your HP PhotoSmart?

The Hp Photosmart B210a printer users might face several issues like print quality, clogged printheads and slow printing. At times the quality of a printed document or photo is not as expected and come out with poor print quality. These issues could be caused either by colour or black ink HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges or by clogged nozzles.

The steps offered below include the troubleshooting for all the possible causes of the problem.

Note: you do not need to continue with the steps in case the issue resolves at any of the following steps.


Many times the poor prints are not caused by the faulty HP PHOTOSMART B210a ink cartridges. It could also be caused by the newly installed cartridge. Whatever, the cause might be the issue can be resolved by running the automatic servicing routine on your printer’s settings. Let the device complete this process on its own and check the print again in a few hours.

Step 2:

The quality and type of the paper play a very important role for the print quality of your printer. You can make sure if the paper is appropriate or not by following guidelines:

  • Load the paper print side down in the input tray: In case you are using one-sided printable papers (like photo blanks), make sure you put the printable side of the paper down in the input tray. (Usually, the smoother side of the paper is printable side)
  • Make sure the paper is not wrinkled or curled: Sometimes the horizontal or vertical strips in the printouts can be the result of wrinkled paper
  • Store papers in their original packaging: Sometimes the old papers lying on the input tray get dusty. The dirt or dust on these papers also affects the print quality. Make sure these papers are well stored in the plastic bag in which they came. Take them out only when you need them and in the amount required
Step 3:

Check the print setting on your PC or other devices you are using for printing and make sure the settings are configured according to your print job.

Step 4:

Check the ink levels of all the HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges and make sure they have not run dry.

Most Common FAQs for HP Photosmart Plus E All In One B210a:

Q. Can I replace only the cartridge which has become empty or do I have to replace all the colours every time? If only the cartridges that has runned out needs to be replaced then how do I will know that which cartridge needs to be changed or replaced?
You don’t have to replace all the colours at a time as you can replace only the colour HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridge that has been runned out or is empty. You will get to know about this as your HP Photosmart b210a printer would tell you when an ink cartridge is running low or needs replacing.

Q. How can I replace the HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges in my HP Photosmart B210a printer as the old ones have been runned out?
Please refer to the user manual for the HP Photosmart B210a printer for step by step instructions for how to replace the HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges.

Q. How much weight does HP Photosmart B210a printer has?
The printer weighs 7.45 kg (16.4 pounds).

Q. How do I check the estimated ink levels in my HP Photosmart B210a printer to know when I have to install the new cartridges?
You can easily check the ink supply level to find when you may need to replace the cartridges in your HP Photosmart B210a printer. The ink supply level shows an estimate of the amount of ink remaining in the cartridges. To check the ink levels from the control panel, you can follow the steps as described below:

  1. Touch the Setup icon, from the Home screen.
  2. The Setup Menu is displayed. After this, touch Tools.
  3. Now, touch Display Estimated Ink Levels. The printer will display a gauge that shows the all installed cartridges’ estimated ink levels.

To check the ink levels from the Printer Software, follow the steps as described below:

  1. Open the Printer Software by clicking the HP Photosmart desktop icon.
  2. Now, in the Printer Software, click Estimated Ink Levels to check the ink levels.

Q. We have to print huge amount of photo printouts at the workplace. We have been using HP Photosmart B210a for a while with its original cartridges. The print quality is commendable but each batch of photos cost us really high. How can cut on the cost?
A. To cut down the cost you can opt for the compatible version of these ink cartridges. The compatible HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges are highly economical delivering same quality print and cartridge efficiency as the originals cartridge deliver. The multipacks on our site are very cheap and appropriate for you since you have to print photos in bulk. We have multipacks ranging from 16 cartridges to 4 cartridges where all 4 colours are equal in quantity. You can have a look on the same using following link: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/catalogsearch/result/?search_type=cartridge&q=HP364

Q. Which are the colours of the HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges supported by its printer?
A. The HP Photosmart B210a printer supports 4 colours namely:

  • CN684EE (HP364XL) Black
  • CB323EE (HP364XL) Cyan
  • CB324EE (HP364XL) Magenta
  • CB325EE (HP364XL) Yellow

Q. I am quite cynical about buying the compatible HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges. Can you tell me about the guarantee policy for the same incase they don’t run with my printer?
A. We assure you about the cartridges working with your printer. These HP Photosmart B210a cartridge are fitted with the latest 'chip' and are guaranteed to work in your printer. If the cartridge doesn’t work out return policy states that if an item fails to operate within 30 days of purchase simply contact us as detailed below. We'll give you a replacement or a refund once the item has been returned to us and tested. For more regarding the return policy and orders visit: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/return-policy or feel free to call customer support services on +44(0)28 308 33221.

Q. The size of HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a cartridge slot and HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridge slot appear to be same. Can I use their cartridges with each other?
A. You cannot simply use cartridge with the printer because the cartridge slot of printer can accommodate a certain cartridge. Always refer to the compatible printers with the specific cartridge. For your Photosmart B210a cartridge refer https://printerinkcartridges.ie/hp364xl-multipack-ink-cartridges and scroll down to find the list of printers compatible with the printer on right hand side. Coincidentally HP Photosmart Premium Fax is compatible to your cartridge but if had not been the case then it would have either not worked or produced false quality prints.

Q. Our office creative team needs to install new photo printer, will you recommend me HP Photosmart B210a printer for office usage?
A. HP Photosmart B210a can be preferred for home as well as for office. The printer weighs approx 7kgs and can be easily accommodated due to its small size. The printer is efficient for printing large copies of commendable quality. HP Photosmart B210a is a good choice for office work since it takes less space and the prints are fast as well as of good quality. The only problem you might face is reloading the paper tray frequently since the capacity of paper tray is 125 sheets, which might be less for a office.

Q. Is it advisable to use original and compatible cartridges together in the HP Photosmart B210a printer?
A. Though they both (original and compatible HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridges) can work together but it is always advisable to use either original or only compatible cartridges. The compatible HP Photosmart B210a ink cartridge yielding more result can be replaced with original cartridge which deliver more number of copies. At times the drivers don’t sense the combination of compatibles and originals. This issue has been seen more with the updates. HP Photosmart B210a being a photo printer needs more ink therefore we would recommend you to switch from originals to compatibles thus saving on money.

HP Photosmart B110a Wireless Printer Review:

HP Photosmart B110a emerged as a new wave from all the other HP printers. This is because of its special added feature of printing photos from anywhere by simply sending an email to the printer. The device also supports a range of memory cards for direct printing.

The HP Photosmart B110a is bulky for a home device. The printer has a 2.4’’ LCD display along with a touch frame that consists of six touch buttons as control panels. Navigation through menu is easy to use. At the rear end of the device, there is a single USB connector.

It supports wireless network connection upto 802.11n and has a maximum supported memory of 64 megabyte. Printing resolution of HP Photosmart B110a is 600 x 600 dpi for monochrome files and 4800 x 1200 dpi for colour files with a printing speed up to 32 ppm for monochrome paper and 30 ppm for colour paper.

There is an input tray that folds down from the front panel and an output support with flip-up that swings out paper from the front lid of the tray. It can hold up to 80 sheets of paper. The device weighs about 13.23 lbs with dimensions 16.5 x 17.7 x 7.9 inches.

  • Offers internet setup
  • Quality prints
  • LCD display with easy to use control panel
  • 64 mb memory
  • Attractive look
  • Slow print speed
  • No ethernet
  • Long winded installation
  • Limited applications
  • Limited paper handling capacity

The HP Photosmart B110a prints reasonably at a cheaper price, though the text on plain paper might not satisfy the users. The internet function on B110a is simple and easy to use. Design of this printer offers an ease and makes it best suit for home users.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement cartridges for HP Photosmart B110a ink are:

  • HP 364XL (CB323EE) cyan
  • HP 364XL (CB324EE) magenta
  • HP 364XL (CB325EE) yellow
  • HP 364XL (CN684EE) black

How to reinstall the HP Photosmart B110a cartridges in your printer?

The printer troubles could affect the day-to-day printing work. Using old cartridges may affect your print quality which is a major issue related to printers’ troubles. Therefore you may need to reinstall the HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges if receiving poor prints.

To replace the cartridges follow these steps:

Step 1: Check that power is on and printer is well connected to the main socket.

Step2: Use the correct HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges for your printer. For a list of compatible ink cartridges, see the printed documentation that came with the printer. Alternatively, look in Printer Toolbox in the printer drivers.

Step 3: Remove the old cartridge.

  • Open cartridge access door. Wait for print carriage to move to center of product.
  • Press tab on cartridge, then remove it from slot
  • Make sure the printhead is clean. Follow the instructions from Tools menu on the printer display to clean the printheads if gets clogged.

Step 4: Insert new cartridge.

Insert the ink cartridges into the correct slots. Match the colour and icon of each cartridge to the colour and icon for each slot. Make sure all cartridges snap down into place.

  • Remove cartridge from packaging.
  • Check that you are using high-quality HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges. High-quality cartridges are designed for and tested with HP printers to help you produce great results, time after time.
  • Twist orange cap to snap it off. A forceful twist may be required to remove cap.
  • Match colour icons, then slide cartridge into slot until it clicks into place. Carefully place the new cartridges at the same place as where the old one’s used to be kept.
  • After that close cartridge door.

Step 5: Align cartridges.

After you insert new ink cartridges, align the printer for best print quality. Follow the instructions from Tools menu on the printer display or look in Printer Toolbox.

  • When prompted, press OK to print cartridge alignment page.
  • Load page print side down on right front corner of glass, and then press OK to scan page.
  • Remove alignment page and recycle or discard it.

Most Common FAQs for HP Photosmart B110a Wireless:

Q. I want to know what is the difference between 364 and 364XL ink cartridges? Do they have the same size? Do both of these ink cartridges are compatible with my HP Photosmart B110a printer?
The 364XL are the high capacity ink cartridges than 364 ink cartridges. Both of these ink cartridges are fully compatible with the HP Photosmart B110a printer. The 364XL ink cartridges contains more ink inside than the standard 364 cartridges. So these ink cartridges offers a better value for money for the one having regular printing needs.

Q. I don’t have heavy printing needs. So I don’t use my HP Photosmart B110a printer often. It has been a year since I have used my printer. So if I buy new HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges, should these work fine with my printer?
If you buy new HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges, and install properly in your HP Photosmart B110a printer, these should work fine with the printer, if there is no underlying problems with the printer. Before installation of the ink cartridges in your printer, it is recommended that you run a few cleaning cycles on the printer to get error free results.

Q. Can I scan to my PC using this HP Photosmart B110a printer?
Yes. You can scan to your PC using the HP Photosmart B110a printer.

Q. How to automatically clean the printhead of HP Photosmart B110a printer?
To ensure proper printing with HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges, cleaning of the printhead is required. In order to do this, you can follow the steps as described below from the printer display.

  1. Press the Settings button, from the Home screen. This will display the Setup Menu.
  2. Now, in the Setup Menu, press right arrow to highlight Tools and then press OK.
  3. Press right arrow to highlight Clean Printhead and then press OK.

Q. Can you tell me the ink quantity in the HP Photosmart B110a cartridges? I bought the printer recently and was really curious in knowing about the same?
A. The compatible HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges have 18.6mL in black cartridges and 14.6mL in the coloured ones i.e. cyan, magenta and yellow. The original cartridges on the other hand have 18mL in black cartridges and 6mL ink in other colour cartridge. The information about low ink in the cartridges is always displayed on the PC. You can always check the printer properties for the alerts.

Q. I am a owner of a instant photo printing booth where I print photos for my customers on the go. The ink of the printer I use i.e HP Photosmart B110a, gets exhausted very fast.This extensive usage of ink costs heavy on my pocket. What should I do as to resolve this issue?
A. For extensive usage as of yours, we provide multipack of HP ink cartridges containing 16 cartridges. Our compatible multipacks are extremely cost efficient and saves on money while delivering excellent quality prints. It is always advisable to use compatible version of cartridges that we offer over originals. You can order the same from the following link: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/hp364xl-multipack-ink-cartridges-2024. The quality of prints and efficiency of cartridges will be at par with the original cartridges.

Q. How to judge whether a printer will be compatible with HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridges? I had extra ink cartridge and wanted to use them with other printers installed at my workplace.
A. There is a long list of printers compatible with HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridge .Do have a look and use the cartridges accordingly from the below link: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/hp364xl-multipack-ink-cartridges-2024. Scroll down and refer to the list at the right hand side of the page.If you have any query regarding the same you can contact our customer care at +44(0)28 308 33221 or drop a mail to us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie.

Q. I want to purchase printer for my magazine photographs. The measure of prints would be truly inexhaustible. Does HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridge yield great measure of prints or would it be a good idea for me to alter my opinion?
A. HP Photosmart B110a is a high quality printer which yields professional quality photos. The compatible HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridge we provide prints good amount of prints. On a direct use the black cartridge yields 550 prints while the colour ones i.e cyan, yellow and fuchsia yield 750 prints. This is a gauge situation when there is 5% of print scope on an A4 page.

Q. How long would it take for the delivery of HP Photosmart B110a ink cartridge in Dublin? I needed to buy the multipack of 4 cartridges and needed to know the assessed time of the conveyance.
A. The deliveries of our goods is done by third party courier services i.e. fastway couriers. It takes 1-2 working days when the cartridge is in stock and the conveyance movement is less. The conveyance time may change upon the workload of our courier accomplices; however they have had a decent record of prompt conveyance. In the season of substantial work stack the conveyance may take 2-3 days yet we guarantee you it won't take any more than 2-3 days. For assistance regarding the same you can contact our customer care services on +44(0)28 308 33221 or drop a mail to us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie.

Q. What are the colours which can be used in HP Photosmart B110a printer?
A. The HP Photosmart B110a printer supports black, magenta, yellow and cyan coloured ink cartridges.

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