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Customer Reviews

Laserhet M175a Review by Christine

Very happy with these toners and my printer can;t tell the difference between these and the original HP toners! (Posted on 25/02/2020)

P2055 Review by Josh

Delivery was quick, price is excellent! (Posted on 25/02/2020)

brother mfc Review by Chris

Free paper is a nice touch. The toners work perfcectly well in my printer, no real noticeable difference between these and my last supplier Viking. (Posted on 25/02/2020)

lc3217 Review by Angie

High quality cartridges at a great price. (Posted on 25/02/2020)

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Compatible Canon PGI-570XL/CLI-571BK/C/M/Y Ink - 5 Pack

Pack of 5 Premium Compatible CANON PGI-570XL/CLI571 Ink: PGI-570XL Black x 1, CLI-571XL Black x 1, CLI-571XL Cyan x 1, CLI-571XL Magenta x 1 and CLI-571XL Yellow x 1.


Compatible Canon PG540XL / CL541XL - 2 Pack

Premium Remanufactured Canon PG540XL Black x1, CL541XL Colour x1 ink cartridges. 2 Pack including a black and colour cartridge with ink volumes of 21ml for the Black and 15ml for colour.


Compatible EPSON 29XL (T2996) ink - 4 Pack

Pack of 4 Compatible EPSON 29XL (T2996) ink cartridge multipack: T2991 Black x 1, T2992 Cyan x 1, T2993 Magenta x 1 and T2994 Yellow x 1.


Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 20 Pack

Premium Compatible Multipack of EPSON 18XL. 20 Ink cartridges: T1811 Black x 5, T1812 Cyan x 5, T1813 Magenta and T1814 Yellow x 5.


HP 302XL Black & Colour

Compatible HP 302XL Black & Colour Premium High Capacity 2 Pack. Two cartridges including Black and Colour with Ink Volume: 480 Pages Black, 330 Pages Colour.


Compatible EPSON T1285 Ink - 20 pack

20 Pack Premium Compatible EPSON T1285 Inks: T1281 Black x 5, T1282 Cyan x 5, T1283 Magenta x 5 and T1284 Yellow x 5.


Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) Ink 5 Pack

Pack of 5 Premium Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) high capacity, ink cartridge multipack: T3351 Black x 1, T3362 Cyan x 1, T3363 Magenta x 1, T3364 Yellow x 1 and T3361 Photo Black x 1.


Compatible Epson T0715 Ink - 20 Pack

Pack of 20 Premium Compatible Epson T0715 ink. T0711 Black x 5, T0712 Cyan x 5, T0713 Magenta x 5 and T0714 Yellow x 5.


Epson 16XL ink - 20 Pack

20 Pack of Premium Compatible EPSON 16XL Ink Cartridge Multipack: T1631 Black x 5, T1632 Cyan x 5, T1633 Magenta x 5 and T1634 Yellow x 5.


Compatible Brother LC223 Ink - 20 pack

Pack of 12 Premium Compatible BROTHER LC223 Inks: LC223 Black x 5, LC223 Cyan x 5, LC223 Magenta x 5 and LC223 Yellow x 5.

Latest Trending Laser Toner Deals

Compatible TN1050 Toner - 2 Pack

High Quality Compatible 2 Pack Brother TN-1050 Laser Toner, fully guaranteed. Colour: Black and Ink Volume: 1000 Pages each


Compatible Brother TN2320 Toner

Compatible Premium Brother TN-2320 - 2 Pack Black high quality laser toner. Colour: Black and Ink Volume: 2 x 2,600 Pages


Compatible Brother TN241B / TN245C / TN245M / TN245Y Toners - 4 Pack

Compatible Brother TN241 & TN245 4 PACK of HIGH CAPACITY Premium toners; TN241 black, TN245 cyan, TN245 magenta, TN245 yellow


Compatible Dell 593-10258/59/60/61 Toner - 4 Pack

Compatible Dell 593-10258/59/60/61 4 Pack inckuding the Dell 593-10258 Black x 1, Dell 593-10259 Cyan x 1, Dell 593-10260 Magenta x 1 and Dell 593-10261 Yellow x 1


Compatible Brother TN2010 Toner

TN-2010 Compatible Brother Toner cartridge black with an Ink Volume: 1000 pages.


Compatible HP 83A Toner - 2 Pack (CF283A)

2 Pack Of Compatible HP83A (CF283A) Premium Quality Laser Toners. Colour: Black and Ink Volume: 1,500 Per cartridge.


Compatible HP 80X Toner ( CF280X )

Compatible HP80X (CF280X) High Capacity Premium Quality Laser Toner with an ink volume of 6900 pages.


Compatible HP 78A (CE278A) Toner - 3 Pack

3 Pack Of Compatible HP78A (CE278A) Premium Quality Laser Toners.


Compatible Brother TN326 B/C/M/Y - 4 Pack

Premium Compatible Brother TN-326 B/C/M/Y including the TN-326 Black x 1, TN-326 Cyan x 1, TN-326 Magenta x 1 and TN-326 Yellow x 1.


Compatible HP 12A Toner - 2 Pack ( Q2612A )

Premium Compatible HP12A Toner - 2 Pack ( Q2612A ) Standard Version 2000 Pages.

Printer Reviews

Brother HLL2340DW Printer Review:

The Brother HLL2340DW is a personal monochrome laser printer suitable for most of the personal or micro-office use.

With the dimensions of 7.2 by 14 by 14.2 inches (HWD), the printer can fit on the personal desk without taking up much room. With the weight of only 15 pounds, one person can easily move it from one place to another. The printer comes with a 250-sheet tray, a one-sheet manual feed, and a duplexer for printing on two sides of the paper. It offers mobile printing support. It will let one to print through the cloud and print from an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone through the network access point.

The print quality of the printer is a touch below par. With Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges, the text quality is good enough for any business use that do not require small fonts. The graphics quality is also a step below the level that most of the competition offer but it’s suitable enough for any internal business use. The Photo quality is typical for a monochrome laser. The output is good enough to print recognizable images from webpages. But it is not suitable for anything more demanding than that.

  • Small size
  • It has suitable paper capacity for sharing in a micro office
  • It has automatic duplexer for two-sided printing
  • It supports Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
  • No Ethernet
  • Do not support colour printing
  • No additional paper handling options available
Cartridge Requirements:
The compatible Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges are:
  • Brother TN2320 Black laser toner
  • Brother Drum Unit DR2300

The Brother HLL2340DW monochrome laser printer is a good pick as a shared printer in micro offices. If one don't need a wired connection to a network, and if one care more about cost than output quality, it may be the suitable option. With Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges, this printer offers reasonable text quality and printing speed, and good ink economy, all in a package with a low initial investment.

Most Common FAQs for Brother HLL2340DW:

Q. Will I receive a pack of toner cartridges when I buy a new Brother HLL2340DW printer?
Yes, when you first buy a new Brother HLL2340DW printer, a pack of starter Brother HLL2340DW toner cartridge will be included in the box with the printer. This cartridge is specially made for the installation of the printer. Once this toner cartridge is exhausted, you can buy a replacement from our website.

Q. Are Brother HLL2340DW toner cartridges refillable?
Yes, Brother HLL2340DW toner cartridges are refillable once they are empty. However, the process of refilling a toner cartridge is tedious and complicated. It is advised that you get your toner cartridge refilled from a professional to avoid any damage or leakage to the cartridge.

Q. How do I set a password for my Brother HLL2340DW printer so that nobody can use it without entering the password?
You can do so by turning on the access lock feature. Before you enable this feature, make sure to note down your password. Forgetting your password will require you to reset the password by contacting customer service. Follow the steps below to understand how to turn on the access lock feature:

  • Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow keys to select “General Setup” and then press “OK”.
  • Use the arrow keys to select “Setting Lock” and press “OK”.
  • Enter a four digit password for your printer using the arrow keys.
  • Re-enter the password when the printer prompts you to verify and press “OK”.

Q. What are the dimensions of a Brother HLL2340DW printer?
Brother HLL2340DW printers measure about 14 inches in width, 7.2 inches in height, 14.2 inches in depth and are quite lightweight, weight only 6.8 kg.

Q. How much time would it take for you to deliver Brother HLL2340DW toner cartridges to me in Galway?
If you place an order for the toner cartridges before 12 noon, usually, the order will be dispatched for delivery on the same day and will arrive at your doorstep within 1 - 2 days. However, if your order is urgent and you wish to receive your product faster than the standard delivery time, contact us on 048 30833221 regarding your issue.

Q. How can I track my order made for Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges?
You can start tracking your order as soon as it has been shipped out. Once it is done, with your unique order ID, you can track your order with the courier company.

Q. Is there any difference in quality between an Original and a Compatible Cartridge?
No, there is no difference in the print-quality of both the cartridges. They are both built to stand out in harsh environmental conditions and yield the same number of pages. The quality is same and the printout is indistinguishable.

Q. Can I print directly from my mobile device?
Yes, the printer supports printing directly through mobile devices.

Q. I got some work while I was installing the new Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges in my printer. For how long I can keep them out of their packaging? Is there any harm if, they are kept outside?
You need to install the opened cartridges immediately after they have been taken out of their packing unit. Doing so will prevent them from drying up and losing their effectiveness. It is advisable to always keep the new cartridges ready before removing the old ones so that the things get done promptly.

Q. How much will the shipping cost to me?
All our orders will include some shipping charges that start at €1.99 inc. VAT, which is the cost of ordering paper. The delivery charge of the product goes higher according to the weight.

Q. Does this printer provide Ethernet connectivity option?
No, the printer does not support Ethernet connectivity.

Q. What replacement cartridges are available for the Brother HLL2340DW printer?
The compatible Brother HLL2340DW Toner Cartridges are:

  • Brother TN2320 Black laser toner
  • Brother Drum Unit DR2300

Q. Do I have to be personally present there to receive my order?
We recommend that you receive the order yourself to ensure complete satisfaction. However, In making an order through this website you are authorizing us to accept signature from another person on your behalf if the order needs to be signed for and you are not present on delivery.

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