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Customer Reviews

Dell 3110CN printer Review by Jean Foster

Received the Dell 3110HCB / 3110HCC / 3110HCM / 3110HCY toner cartridges yesterday. I installed all four colours. The cartridges were a very good price and I will continue to purchase from Printer Ink Cartridges. Good service, would recommend. (Posted on 16/11/2017)

Brother P-Touch 340 Review by D Moan

These compatible TZE135 label tapes are exactly the ones I needed. The label printing is very clear and sharp. No problems with compatibility with my label printer. Would highly recommend! Thanks. (Posted on 16/11/2017)

WF-2530 Review by Trish

I had ordered a replacement cartridge for my Epson WF-2530 printer and found the ordering process very easy. Also, the delivery was on time. Had a great experience. (Posted on 16/11/2017)

Samsung ML1650 Review by R Sullivan

These Samsung ML1650D8 toner cartridges are extremely cheap and are easy to order. They are highly compatible with my printer and I am fully satisfied with the product. (Posted on 01/11/2017)

HP Laserjet 2300dn Toner Review by Isidoro

I really like Printer Ink Cartridges. The price is half of what I pay locally and the shipping is cheap too. In addition to this, I got these cartridges within two business days. (Posted on 01/11/2017)

HP Laserjet P2015 toner Review by Jason Kenna

I am extremely happy with the speedy delivery of these HP Q7553A toner cartridges. At the time of placing the order, I was told that my cartridges would take up to 2 business days to get delivered but I received them next day! Thank you guys. (Posted on 01/11/2017)

HP Laserjet 1160 toner Review by Ursula Moan

Easy to install. They have the same quality as the brand name. I would highly recommend this product. (Posted on 01/11/2017)

Canon Pixma IP7250 Review by Kirk

Good quality non original inks. Very pleased with the results of this ink on photo paper. The price was a bit of a schnook to begin with so I really didn't expect to get too much for such a cheap price but I'm glad I stumbled upon this upper and would not hesitate to recommend to others. (Posted on 01/11/2017)

Printer Reviews

Brother P-Touch H75S Printer Review:

The Brother P-Touch H75S printer is a compact monochrome label maker which suits the needs of home and small business users. Just like the Brother P-Touch H75 printer, this printer is also portable and lightweight. The dimensions correspond to 10.7cm × 5.7cm × 20.3 cm with a weight of 365 grams.

The printer pack is inclusive of a Brother P-Touch H75S Label Tape (12mm×4m) which is laminated, a built-in cutter, preview screen and standard 6 AAA alkaline batteries. The preview screen allows you to check in the details on the screen before you start printing. The device is compatible only with the Brother P-Touch H75S Label Tape that is either TZE laminated or TZE non-laminated type.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with an ABCD keyboard that is easy on hands. It encourages vertical, mirror as well as underline printing styles with a speed of 10mm per second. The maximum printing width supported is 12mm. Besides it can run continuously to print 9 copies of labels quickly. The brother printer works with 2 line printing giving an ultimate print resolution of 180dpi. It provides clearly readable texts that are durable and rugged so that they can cope up with any type of conditions.

  • Availability of preview screen
  • Good clarity of texts
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Low running cost
  • Monochrome printing
  • No backlit LCD display
Label Tape Requirements
The compatible Brother P-Touch H75S label tapes are:
  • Brother TZE135 White on Clear Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE231 Black on White Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE131 Black on Clear Labelling Tape

The Brother P-Touch H75S printer comes at reasonable price and has value for money due to its efficient printing with different styles and effects as well as portability. Its lightweight and easy to read LCD display makes it easy to work on. Hence it goes hand in hand with office and home users.

Most Common FAQs for Brother P-Touch H75S:

Q. What are the advantages of using the Brother P-Touch H75S label printer?
The advantages of using the Brother P-Touch H75S label printer are:

  • Offers wide range of fonts, formats and additional characters
  • Can print on one line or even two lines depending upon the Brother P-Touch H75S label tape width
  • Could be easily to used with a computer interface
  • Good printing and great print resolution
  • Good LCD display

Q. What are the disadvantages of using the Brother P-Touch H75S label printer?
The disadvantages of using the Brother P-Touch H75S label printer are:

  • QWERTY keyboard absent
  • Functions written at the back and not on the keys
  • Only trailing margins are reduced by the margin control
  • Deleting previous text is not possible as a function

Q. Can the TZe Brother P-Touch H75S label tapes be used with the printer? What is the difference between TZ tapes and TZe tapes?
Yes, the TZe tapes can be used with the printer. The only difference between the TZ tapes and the TZe tapes is that TZe tape cassettes use less plastic than the TZ tapes.

Q. What is the maximum printing speed of the Brother P-Touch H75S Label Writer? What is its maximum resolution of printing? What is the Display Resolution of the LCD screen?
The maximum printing speed of the Brother P-Touch H75S Labelwriter is 10 mm/sec. The maximum printing resolution is 180 dpi. The display resolution of the LCD screen is 1 line x 12 characters.

Q. The Brother P-Touch H75S label tape became detached after washing. What should I do?
The adhesive force of the fabric tape may vary depending on ironing temperature, ironing procedure and fabric of the materials. For ironing, set the iron to a medium-high temperature and press down firmly for 15-30 seconds. The suitable materials that can be used are cotton, linen and polyester.

Q. While printing the labels, why are Dots printed in front of the text?
The dots indicate the correct place to manually cut the label. When the margin is set to ‘Half’ or ‘Narrow’, the dots will be printed. You can cut along the dots with scissors, so as to make the text centred on the label.

Q. What maximum size of Brother P-Touch H75S label tapes does the Labelwriter use? What kind of keyboard does it support?
The various sizes of the label tapes used by the printer are 0.6 cm, 1.2 cm, 0.9 cm and 0.35 cm. The labelwriter has an ABCD keyboard.

Q. What are the dimensions and weight of the Brother P-Touch H75S printer? What kind of batteries does the printer use?
The height of the Brother P-Touch H75S printer is 20.3 cm, its width is 10.7 cm and its depth is 5.7 cm. The weight of the printer is 365 g. The printer uses six AAA type - Alkaline batteries.

Q. My Brother P-Touch H75S label tape is entangled in the machine. How can I resolve this issue?
If the label tape is entangled in the machine, make sure the underside of the tape cassette is completely touching the base of the compartment. If the label tape is not installed correctly, it may cause the following problems:

  • The tape becomes entangled in the machine
  • The tape becomes stuck in the cassette
  • Text is printed on the upper part of the label
  • The top and base layers of the laminated Brother P-Touch H75S label tape become misaligned
Also while installing the tape cassette, make sure that the underside of the tape cassette is touching the base of the compartment completely. Also, make sure that the end of the tape is fed through the tape guides.

Brother P-Touch H75 Printer Review:

Brother P-Touch H75 is a handheld labelling machine fit for both home and office users. The device is highly portable and lightweight.It measures 107.4mm (W) x 202.6mm (D) x 56.6mm (H) in dimensions and weighs 365 grams. This makes it easy to hold and use.

It supports variety of labelling for filing systems, CD/DVD cases, cables, shelf tags, name badges and switches. It also works fine in food packaging and craft work. Also, it provide built-in frame and symbols. All this together makes the device more appealing. The machine has LCD display which is easy to read. However, the display is text based and does not support any design feature. It has ABC keyboard which is flexible and easy to use if you are habitual towards it. The device supports 18 types of languages.

It runs with a print speed of 10mm per second and is capable of repeating same label printing for 9 times. One add on feature is that mirror printing is available. The labelmaker comes along with a tape cassette with 4 metres of Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tape which is of TZE type. The tape cassette offers an iron-on feature that allows you to print the tape and iron it onto a uniform or sports clothing. Additionally, it includes six AAA alkaline batteries that provide convenience and portability.

A built-in cutter makes sure that the labels are printed at the correct length so that you can organise your things with professional looking labels. The device prints out labels that are durable and tough.

  • Backward printing is available
  • Includes iron-on tape cassette
  • Convenient built-in cutter
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly affordable
  • Supports long range of Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tapes (TZE)
  • LCD display does not support design feature
  • No status LED
  • No Qwerty keyboard
Label Tape Requirements:
The replacement Brother P-Touch H75 label tapes are:
  • Brother TZE135 White on Clear Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE231 Black on White Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE131 Black on Clear Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE221 Black on White Labelling Tape
  • Brother TZE121 Black on Clear Labelling Tape

Built-in cutter, frames and symbols allow to customise the labels as per your requirements. Plus, a wide range of Brother P-Touch H75 label tapes are supported. All these features considered together make the Brother P-Touch H75 label maker highly affordable for home as well as office users.

Most Common FAQs for Brother P-Touch H75:

Q. Why doesn't my machine turn on when the Power key is pressed?
The machine does not turn ‘ON’ even when the power key is pressed. For this, make sure that the batteries are inserted with their positive and negative poles pointing in the correct direction. Even if the problem is not resolved then the batteries may be running low. Replace the batteries with six new AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries.

Q. I ordered the wrong Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tapes. I wish to return them. What is the policy?
If you wish to return non-faulty tapes in case you have ordered the incorrect ones, please contact us within 30 days of purchase. The Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tapes must be returned unused, in their original undamaged packaging and in a re-saleable condition. We'll exchange the tape or give you a refund by placing a credit on your account. All such returns are subject to a 10% restocking charge.

Q. Why does the power turn off at the time of pressing the print key. Why so?
The most probable reason of this problem is that the batteries are running low. Replace these batteries with six new AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries of the same type.

Q. The ink ribbon got caught in between the Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tape layers and came out of the machine. What should I do to resolve the issue?
This happens when you install the tape cassette leaving the ink ribbon loose or if you have pulled the printed label out by hand. You can fix the problem of ink not getting separated from the cassette by winding the toothed wheel and reeling the ink ribbon:

  • Make sure to wind the toothed wheel in the correct direction.
  • If the ink ribbon has become separated, you cannot reel the ink ribbon.
If the problem was not resolved, replace it with a new tape cassette.

Q. What is the discount offered on the purchase of Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tapes?
There is a discount of 5% offered if you are purchasing the label tapes for the first time. The discount is also given through promo codes. Other than this, if you purchase the label tapes in bulk, then the cost of the tapes is reduced. But there is no discount on a regular basis.

Q. Why do my labels have a blank horizontal line running through the text of the label?
A horizontal line can be a result of some dust or dirt collected on the surface of the print head. This can be corrected by cleaning. To clean the printhead, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn off the machine’s power.
  2. Disconnect the AC adapter. Now open the back cover.
  3. Remove the tape cassette and the batteries.
  4. Clean the print head using a dry cotton swab to gently wipe up and down along the print head.

Q. If stripes appear on my label. What is the problem?
If stripes appear on the label, it means you have reached the end of the Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tape. Replace the tape cassette with a new one.

Q. How do I reset the P-touch back to its default factory settings?
To reset the P-touch back to its default factory settings, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the P-touch.
  • Now hold down the ‘F’ and ‘R’ key. Press power to turn the P-touch back on.
  • Now release the ‘F’ and ‘R’ key. The machine has been initialised.

Q. What are the key features of the Brother P-Touch H75 Label Writer?
The key features of the label printer are that it is portable and lightweight. It has a real time clock to quickly add the current time or date on the labels. It has built-in frames and and symbols. It includes Brother P-Touch H75 Label Tape cassette. It prints 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm width labels.

Brother P-Touch QL500BW Printer Review:

The Brother P-Touch QL500BW is a very fast and versatile label printer that can efficiently print directly from PC. This label printer can print address and shipping labels, banners and signage with ease and is also good at printing on both die-cut peel-off labels and continuous length tape.

The Brother P-Touch QL500BW can print at a speed of 50 labels per minute and is compact and easy to use. The machine facilitates easy peeling of labels without much efforts. The built-in cutter could cut the labels accurately. This label printer supports barcode printing also. Software and drivers are available for Windows 7 and 8. The printer has no paper jams and no wastage of labels is there.

The Brother P-Touch QL500BW supports a wide range of media types. This label printer is compact and easy to use and can be operated easily without much effort. This printer does not require ink or toner cartridges as it uses Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tapes.

  • Great printing speed
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Supports barcode printing
  • Easy to peel labels
  • Not compatible with many operating systems
  • Less connectivity options
Label Tape Requirements:
The replacement for Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tapes is:
  • Brother DK11202 White Labels
  • Brother DK11201 White Labels
  • Brother DK11209 Black on White Labels
  • Brother DK11208 Black on White Labels
  • Brother DK22205 Black on White Continuous Paper Tape

The Brother P-Touch QL500BW is a monochrome printer and is great for office as well as personal use. This printer is good at printing labels and various other media types. There is no wastage of labels and also it facilitates easy peeling of labels without much effort. Softwares and drivers are also available and it is very easy to use. It supports barcode printing and has a great printing speed. But the problem with this printer is that it cannot support many operating systems and has less connectivity options.

Most Common FAQs for Brother P-Touch QL500BW:

Q. How do I adjust the Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tape margin?
To adjust the tape margin, follow the given steps:

  1. Hold the ‘Code’ key.
  2. While holding the ‘Code’ key, press the ‘Tape’ (E) key. The current margin settings will be on the display.
  3. Each time the ‘Tape’ (E) key is pressed, the margin settings are changed, from one setting to another. You can select ‘NONE’ for 1/6' inch margin, ‘NARROW’ for 5/16' inch margin, ‘HALF’ for 1/2' inch margin and ‘FULL’ for 1' inch margin.
  4. Release the ‘Code’ key when the desired margin setting is set or adjusted.
This way you can adjust the Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tape margin.

Q. Does the Brother P-Touch QL500BW label printer supports USB 3.0 connectivity?
Although the printer is less costly and is user friendly, but it does not support USB 3.0 connectivity.

Q. How do I print vertically?
To print vertically, click on ‘Format’ and select ‘Text’. On the ‘Text Tab’, select the Text Orientation that shows the text vertically on the label and click Ok. Click 'A' Text Tool and click on the label. Enter the text and it will appear on the label in the selected orientation.

Q. Do the Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tapes have great adhesive properties?
Yes these label tapes have great adhesive properties. They stuck very well and would not come off. They have adhesive just like the adhesive used by the MVA for car tag stickers.

Q. How do I create a label containing a bar code?
To create a label containing a bar code, follow the given steps:

  1. Click ‘Insert’. Select ‘Barcode’ from the dropdown.
  2. The ‘Bar Code Properties’ dialogue box appears.
  3. Select a protocol and choose settings from the ‘Protocol’ tab and the ‘Setup’ tab.
  4. Click the ‘Input’ tab. Type the barcode data in the ‘Data’ edit box, and click ‘OK’.
  5. The bar code will be inserted on the label.
  6. Adjust the margin, alignment and other properties that you want to. The label is ready for printing.

Q. The Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tape width cannot be selected. Only standard paper sizes can be selected. What should I do to resolve this?
If your Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tape cannot be selected, make sure that the printer driver for the printer is installed. To resolve this, be sure to download and install both P-touch Editor and the printer driver, as they are separate files when downloaded from the website.

Secondly, the printer may not be the default printer for P-touch Editor. For this, In P-touch Editor, click on ‘File’ and select ‘Printer / Page Setup’ to display the Printer Setup dialog box. Check that your printer is selected. If not, select it and click the ‘Save Current Selection’ button. Also, if your printer is listed under ‘Other Printer’, the printer driver has not been installed correctly. In this case, you need to install the driver again.

Q. When I try to run the P-touch Library, a warning message ‘A compatible printer cannot be found’ appears. What should I do?
This issue may occur when any printer driver that supports ‘P-touch Transfer Manager’ has not been installed. Install the latest version of P-Touch Editor to stop facing this issue. You can take more help from Brother.

Q. The message "The tape cassette installed in the machine does not match the type selected in the application." is displayed. What should I do?
This error message appears when the Brother P-Touch QL500BW Label Tape size of the installed in the machine is different from the one selected in P-touch Editor. Two probable solutions to this are:

  1. Install the correct tape cassette into the machine after checking the tape width selected in P-touch Editor. Click on ‘Right Arrow’ button.
  2. Click on the button next to ‘Right Arrow’ button, to cancel the print job. Try printing again by selecting the tape width in P-touch Editor so that it matches the one installed in the machine.

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