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Advent Color Ink cartridge

Trying to buy and Advent ink cartridge in Cork generally means making your way to the local PC World or Currys store to pick the black and colour ink cartridges. Advent is a popular make and is in fact, Currys and PC World’s own brand printer. Many people might not be aware of this but this big chain of stores actually has a third party make the computers and printers for them so they can sell their own brand. A good move no doubt by the big two, but where does that leave us when we want to buy advent ink cartridges? Until recently, you had to go the big chain to buy your Advent ABK10 ink cartridge in Cork, the price you paid was the price they charged.

As is always the case, those clever people who make compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges have come up with a way to save us money! This is how they do it. They take an empty original Advent ACLR10 Colour ink cartridge, disassemble it, clean it out (by a machine washing process), refill it with more ink that it had in it originally, put it back together and test it. The reason they are able to put more ink in the ink cartridge is because no originally manufactured ink cartridges are never filled to maximum capacity anyway! Once the ink cartridge has been tested it is ready to be repackaged and sold at approximately 50% of the cost of the original Advent ink cartridge. A saving of 50% on your Advent ink cartridge really means that you can buy two remanufactured Advent ABK10 ink cartridges for the same price as one original cartridge.

So, where can you get these remanufactured Advent ink cartridges in Cork? I haven’t been able to find a high street shop in Cork that will supply these cartridges, however, if you jump on-line and type in a search for remanufactured Advent ink cartridges or compatible Advent ink cartridges it should bring up a supplier in Ireland that can offer next day delivery. The number of suppliers for Advent cartridges is few and far between but they are out there if you take the time to look. Look for a money-back guarantee on the ink cartridges in case there are any issues. You can also login to Facebook and type in ink cartridges in Cork, this will possibly lead you to a supplier locally who can supply Advent ink cartridges.

Advent printers are very popular and are certainly pushed by Currys and PC World as they would prefer to be selling their own brand items before other major brands. The availability of the Advent ACLR10 ink cartridge and ABK10 ink cartridge have made it difficult for the consumer to get a choice of prices locally as they aren’t available outside of the big stores. Now that they are available on-line, with next day delivery and with a full money back guarantee, it is at last giving some power back to the consumer!

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