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Operation Transformation-An Irish Health and Fitness TV Programme

The famous Irish tv programme Operation Transformation is back with a new series to help people with their battle with diet, exercise and motivation. Do you feel your health is holding you back from the life you’d like? Do you wish 2014 could be the year you transform your diet and lifestyle for good? With Operation Transformation back with a … Continue reading

Do not bottle your recycling this Christmas!

Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment. UK households produced 30.5 million tonnes of waste in 2003/04, which means17% was collected for recycling (source: This figure is still quite low compared to some of our neighbouring EU countries, some recycling over 50% of their waste. There is still a great deal of waste which … Continue reading

Top Gadgets To Purchase This Christmas

There is always new phones, games and many different gadgets coming to the stores around the holidays but it's hard to know which ones are the best and if it's actually worth updating your current merchandise to the improved product. If you are thinking of treated your loved one or yourself to something special this Christmas, this article will … Continue reading