Where can I buy HP364 ink cartridges in Galway?

Find HP364 Ink Cartridges at Printerinkcartridges.ieThe cost of HP ink cartridges seem to be on the increase in Galway and for those of you that own a printer that uses the HP364 ink it’s time to make the switch to compatibles! The average price of an original brand Galway ink cartridge has crept up to match the price of the equivalent amount of Chanel no. 5 perfume. Sounds ridiculous but this is certainly the case in the UK and the cost of an ink cartridge in Galway certainly isn’t far behind that.

The HP364 ink cartridge is used in over 60 different HP printer models – a lot of people don’t realise this and there are also 2 sizes available. The standard size holds ink that will print up to 300 pages @ 5% coverage while the XL cartridge will print up to 750 pages @ 5% coverage. The XL cartridge is better value and if you choose the compatible version the savings are even better. Finding low cost printer ink in Galway whether it’s for a HP printer or otherwise can involve a bit of shopping around and taking a peek online to find the best deals. There are many shops selling ink cartridges but only a select few will give rewards for shopping with them an mostly these are found online. Delivery from these online shops is usually within a couple of days if they are based in Ireland. The UK mainland suppliers can take anything up to a week to deliver to the Irish Republic.

Some people will be worried about the quality of the compatible HP364 ink cartridges but if your supplier stands over the product with a money-back guarantee then you are fully protected. Finding cheap ink cartridges in Galway may be a priority for a lot of people but always check out that you can return the cartridges if you experience problems with them. You should either be able to obtain replacement ink cartridges or be given a full refund.

HP364 ink cartridges are much sought after due to the high number of printers that use them. It’s crucial that you find a good supply of compatibles to keep the cost of your printing a slow as possible.

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