Is refilling my ink cartridges in Dublin more economical than buying compatibles?

Finding somewhere to refill your ink cartridges in Dublin can be a tricky affair as there are a limited number of outlets in the city that provide this service and it’s not possible to refill all types of ink cartridge. First of all we can look at the types of printer ink cartridge in Dublin that can be professionally refilled. These cartridges are the types that the integrated print head or in other words the print head built into the cartridge rather than the printer. Initially these cartridges will be more expensive than their counterparts that have the print head built into the printer. The idea with the ink cartridges and with the print head in the cartridge is that they can be refilled or remanufactured in a factory and be reused.

Find Compatible Ink Cartridges Online in Dublin and Save Your Time and MoneyThese cartridges will almost be original brand ink cartridges and be expensive when first purchased. These are typically Canon, Lexmark and HP cartridges and the idea being that every time you change cartridge you are getting a new print head so you will receive top quality printing every time. Of course buying printer ink in Dublin for everyday use and not for photo printing means that it’s not necessary to have the highest quality print outs especially for reports or assignments printed a home for example by students.

It’s recommended that a printer cartridges be refilled no more and two or three times and there is also the possibility that the ink volume levels will not show as the ‘chip’ on the cartridge will not register as full. There is also the likelihood that the cartridges will not be recognised by the printer, again because the information on the ‘chip’ is not transferring to the printer. In terms of savings, there is not much difference between refilling a cartridge and buying a compatible ink cartridge. There are certainly more outlets for compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges in Dublin than there are for refilling.

Buying printer ink in Dublin can be done online with many suppliers offering low cost next day delivery at very competitive prices. Many online suppliers offer free ink cartridges as part of their bundle deals and even throw in a free gift as an added incentive to buy. The other factor to consider when considering cartridge refill in Dublin is the time it takes to get across the busy city for the sake of refilling an ink cartridge. Is it really worth the journey when you can order online and receive a compatible ink cartridge the following day? The same rules apply to laser toner cartridges – some are also refillable but come at the same cost as compatibles and if you are using a set of four colours, the savings with buying a full set of colours will far outweigh the journey across Dublin to fill one cartridge.

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