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In 2016, Where to Find High Quality Low Cost Compatible Ink Cartridges in Cork

As we begin 2016 many printer businesses and home users are trying to find the best value ink cartridges for their printer in an effort to cut down on spending in the year ahead. For those of you that bought a new printer over the Christmas period or got a bargain in the January sales, you will shortly be ready … Continue reading

How to Find the Lowest Priced Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Ink Cartridges in Cork

Original brand ink cartridges have now become so expensive that they are actually more expensive per ml than Chanel No. 5 or a good quality bottle of champagne. At least that’s according to a recent survey carried out in the UK by Watchdog and there’s no sign of the prices coming down either.

It’s common knowledge that the price of … Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Value Back-to-School Ink Cartridges in Cork

Back to school means a lot of expense for every family but of course in the long run it’s not just the uniforms that cost money but the running expenses for the printer that will be in constant use during term time with printer ink taking up the bulk of the budget. Finding original brand ink cartridges in Cork that … Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Value HP364 Compatible Ink Cartridges in Cork

Good quality compatible ink cartridges in Cork are certainly in demand more than ever and the HP 364 cartridges in particular. Any good ink shop in Cork will stock the compatible version of the HP364 at a cheaper price than the original brand HP but how will the prices compare with those online offering free next day delivery? The non-original Continue reading

Sales of Compatible Ink Cartridges in Cork overtaking Original Brand Cartridges

The trend for buying ink cartridges in Cork has moved towards compatible and remanufactured cartridges with sales reported to be overtaking those of the original brands. Compatible ink from all the leading brands including Epson, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Dell and HP are now selling well to home and business users alike. The savings with using the compatible ink cartridges can … Continue reading

I have recently bought a HP printer and need to find best value compatible HP 364 ink cartridges in Cork.

HP recently brought out a great range of printers that use low cost compatible HP 364 ink. The range of printers extends to over 50 models and these cartridges are easily obtained in any good ink shop in Cork. Because the more recent of these printers contain software that will enable the printer to read only the newest of the … Continue reading

I have a new Epson printer and want to buy cheap replacement ink cartridges in Cork

Having bought a new Epson printer either in a local shop or online, the next step is to find somewhere that stocks the good quality replacement ink cartridges in Cork. Any ink shop in Cork will be to supply original brand ink cartridges for a new Epson printer but the cost of a set of ink cartridges may prove to … Continue reading

Where can I buy the best value good quality compatible Epson ink cartridges in Cork?

With Epson printers sales are at an all time high it’s estimated that the demand for their ink cartridges has increased almost ten fold since 2008. The low cost budget printers Epson have introduced to the market are in direct competition with other leading brands in an effort to outsell the competition by offering good quality printers at exceptionally low … Continue reading

Where to buy Epson, Brother, HP, Canon, Kodak, Dell and Advent compatible ink cartridges in Cork?

Good quality ink cartridges in Cork are not too hard to find although you may struggle to locate the less popular brands in the city. Any good ink shop in Cork will stock the standard HP, Epson and Canon cartridges but getting your hands on a compatible Dell or Samsung may prove more difficult. An online search will usually reveal … Continue reading