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Where can I find the best value Epson compatible T1281 black ink cartridges in Cork?

Epson T1281 black ink cartridges are used with over 15 different Epson printers making it one of Epson's most popular inkjet printers. These printers use four ink cartridges in total; black, cyan, magenta and yellow and all are available at present as compatible ink cartridges in Cork. There are over 400% savings to be made by buying the compatibles … Continue reading

Where can I find the best quality and cheapest ink cartridges in Cork?

As the price of original brand ink cartridges in Cork is on the increase more and more people are making the switch to using compatible ink in an effort to make savings on their printing. Some printer manufacturers have saturated the market with low cost printers in an effort to capture the unsuspecting public as returning customers when they need … Continue reading

Where to Search Online for the Cheapest Ink Cartridges in Cork?

Google Ireland is still the best search engine to use when trying to find the best priced ink cartridges in Cork. Trawling the internet for local suppliers will bring results for local and distance based suppliers. Online suppliers are now able to offer next day delivery to Cork and at prices that would be hard to beat in any … Continue reading

Where can I buy compatible Brother LC123 ink cartridges in Cork?

The latest popular Brother range of inkjet printers that use the LC123 ink cartridges are available in any ink shop in Cork. There are big savings to be made when you buy the compatible version of the cartridge – giving excellent results for a fraction of the cost!

Original ink cartridges in Cork have risen in price in recent … Continue reading

How to print images of Cork Maritime Festival 2014 from your iphone

Cork’s Maritime Festival takes place from 31st May until 1st June 2014. This is Ireland’s long-distance rowing race and attracts thousands of visitors to the City every year with professional and amateur photographers alike keen to capture the festival in print. The festival takes place in Cork Harbour that just happens to be one of the largest natural harbours in … Continue reading

Where can I buy Ink Cartridges for Epson Printer in Cork?

Finding the best price ink cartridges for your Epson printer is something everyone wants to do and as we are all aware the online prices are pretty much unbeatable with next day delivery to Cork in some cases. Compatible ink cartridges are now estimated to be the biggest seller with every major brand covered including Samsung, HP, Brother, Epson, Dell, … Continue reading

Where can I buy Canon Ink Cartridges in Cork?

The popularity of Canon printers has grown during the past 5 years making this brand one of the best selling printers in Ireland. The demand for -this brand- ink cartridges in Cork has grown substantially and in particular demand for the compatible cartridges. Many retailers and ink shops stock both the compatible and genuine version. The popular Pixma range of Continue reading