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Where to Find Low Cost High Quality Non-Original Printer Ink Cartridges in Galway?

The cost of original brand printer ink in Galway has increased in recent months due to a number of factors and has now overtaken the cost of champagne and Chanel No. 5 per ml! Original brand ink has now become unaffordable for most homes and businesses and as a result more and more people are switching to non-original compatible cartridges. … Continue reading

Things to Consider when Buying Replacement Printer and Ink Cartridges in Galway

Replacing a printer can be a bit of a headache as the printers on offer locally or online very often use ink cartridges that cost more than the printer! Surprisingly enough you can pick up a basic laser printer or inkjet printer for around the same cost. The main difference is that the inkjet printer will print colour but the … Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Quality Non-Genuine Epson Ink Cartridges in Galway?

Non-genuine Epson printer ink in Galway is proving very popular following the upsurge in sales of the keenly priced Epson printers on sale at all the multi-national stores in the West. The difference in the price between the genuine Epson and non-genuine version can be as much as 70% although in truth it will only be from an online supplier … Continue reading

I need to buy good quality Epson compatible ink cartridges for my printer in Galway

Finding a good quality compatible ink cartridge in Galway at a price that doesn’t break the bank is not as difficult as it sounds. Most of Ireland’s online ink suppliers will now offer low cost or free next day delivery across Ireland as standard. The original brand Epson printer ink has now priced itself out of the market with a … Continue reading

A set of original brand ink cartridges in Galway is likely to cost more than the printer

The cost of a new home printer dropped significantly in 2014 in an effort by printer manufacturers to increase sales and revenue. This clever marketing ploy had people rushing to the big stores or indeed buying online at prices that seem to defy logic. The well-known local retailers were selling printers for as little as €40 for a basic home Continue reading

Can I get good quality prints using compatible ink cartridges in Galway?

If you have recently made the switch to using compatible ink cartridges then you will be enjoying cheaper printing and for general day to day use, see no difference in print quality.

Compatible ink cartridges in Galway are becoming more and more popular due to the big savings on offer. When comparing prints from printers using original brand cartridges … Continue reading

Where can I buy high quality compatible ink cartridges in Galway?

Back to school signals the beginning of a busy time at home for many parents and as the homework builds up so the home printer becomes the family work horse. For families with one or more students the services of a home printer are necessary for printing reports and assignments and with it a good supply of printer ink in Continue reading

Where can I find good quality compatible ink cartridges in Galway?

Searching for good quality ink cartridges at an affordable price these days will almost start with Google. It's expected that every shop in the country would have a website but of course that's not the case. Does anyone still use the Golden Pages to find what they want or do the majority of people go online and search for local … Continue reading

Are compatibles better than refilled ink cartridges in Galway?

As an alternative to paying over-the-top prices for your ink cartridges in Galway there are generally 3 options available to printer owners. The first option is to buy a compatible ink cartridges. This is an ink cartridge made by a third-party, not the original brand manufacturer, and is in essence a ‘clone’ of the original cartridge with subtle Continue reading