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My print quality is poor and I think my print heads may be clogged. How do I clean the print heads?

Poor quality prints are a common occurrence and can have several possible causes. Sometimes we need to eliminate the probable causes one at a time before going to the expense of replacing an ink cartridge. The first step is to perform a test print out to see exactly where the problem is. Is the issue the ink coverage or is … Continue reading

My black ink cartridge will not print but my colour ink cartridge is printing perfectly

If your printer will not print black on your document then there are a couple of possible issues that might need resolving. First of all has the printer given a warning about low ink or has the ink actually run out and need replacing? If so, then replace the ink cartridge as directed. It’s a myth that you don’t need … Continue reading

My printer is broken and I still have Epson ink cartridges, can I use them in another printer?

Many printers eventually fail or come to the end of their life and we are often left with a bundle of ink cartridges we bought and no printer to put them in. The first thing most of us do is to try and find a printer that will accept the same ink cartridge and just buy this replacement. This can … Continue reading

I have installed my Advent ink cartridges and they are not recognised by my printer

Advent ink cartridges now come in two editions, the early edition that work with early Advent printer models such as AW10 and the new generation ink cartridge that facilitates the Advent AWP10 printer. The old generation cartridges will not work with the latest AWP10 printers and the message ‘ink cartridges not recognised’ will appear in the dialogue window. There … Continue reading

Tips to Clean and Handle Ink Cartridges for Best Results

First of all you need to establish whether or not your printer ink cartridge needs to be cleaned. Run a test print and look for streaks or other indications such as dots that suggest that the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned. If you feel that the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned then select this option from the printer … Continue reading

Choose the Right Printer Cartridges From Leading Printer Brands

For most of you a printer is more than just an office tool. Printers and printer cartridges have become essential parts of modern life. They successfully complete the task of printing your essential documents and help you preserve the important data in a tangible form.

There are several printer cartridge brands available today. Some of the leading brands like Brother, … Continue reading

I am having a problem in printing my PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

If you are experiencing problems printing an Adobe Acrobat file there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the problem. The first thing to try is to make sure that your printer is properly connected and the cable is securely attached. If your printer is connected via a USB hub then disconnect it from the hub and … Continue reading

My printer is connected to my computer but not printing

If a problem exists within your printer i.e. the printer driver or the application you are trying to print from try the following suggestions to identify and hopefully solve the issue.

Firstly, make sure your printer is switched on and ready to use and that the correct printer is set to default. This is accessible in printers and devices from … Continue reading

My Compatible Black Ink Cartridge Will Not Print for Me

If you have installed your compatible ink cartridge and it will not print there are a few things we need to check first of all. Is there an error message displayed? For example is the error message displaying 'ink cartridge not recognised'? First of all check that the ink cartridges that you received were the correct cartridges for your printer. … Continue reading

I have installed a new ink cartridge in the printer and a message appears saying the cartridge is empty

Most remanufactured cartridges (these are ink cartridges with the print head built-in) may show that the ink is low or display empty ink levels. To overcome this you will have to instruct the printer to ignore the ink levels and allow you to continue printing.

Firstly insert the ink cartridge into the printer and try to print a document. You … Continue reading