Important Factors to Consider when Buying HP Toner

Get wide range of compatible HP toner cartridges at low pricesIf you are in possession a HP laser printer either in the office or at home it’s likely that the most worrying part of owning one is the running costs. This is ultimately the price you pay for your HP toner and the price per page it costs to print. This is a factor many people may not take into consideration when purchasing the printer, especially if the initial purchase price is a considered to be a good deal!

Buying a HP Laser Printer

When you decide to buy a laser printer either to upgrade from your existing HP inkjet printer that is no longer able to cope with the output of print or to simply replace a printer that has reached end of life, there are some important factors to consider. Apart from the initial purchase price that will determine what your initial outlay is, how much will it actually cost to run the printer with HP toner. An approximate price per page may be given in the sales description but of course this will be based on 5% coverage of text only printed double-lined spaced! As we all know it’s unlikely that you will be printing text only all the time so this figure will be unrealistic to say the least. This will be more prevalent if you are buying a colour HP laser printer where the emphasis will definitely be on printing colour images and not just black text. Once you have found a model that will suit your needs and the purchase price is within your budget, turn you attention to the HP toner it use as a daily running cost and divide the estimated printed page by half to give a more realistic 10% coverage. As part of your homework in researching the capabilities and performance of the printer, it is now time to check if there are compatible or re-manufactured HP toners available for this model. Most of the well established and long running series of HP printers have the non-genuine alternative HP toners available, but check to see in case the model you have bought is part of a new series that may not have the compatible or re-manufactured HP laser toner available at this time.

Buying Non-genuine HP Toner

Using Compatible or re-manufactured HP toner can reduce your printing costs by up to 100%. That’s a lot of savings across a year for a business, school or college and will put a significant dent in any budget deficit. Basically there are two alternatives to buying original brand HP toner. Firstly, we have compatible laser toner that has been manufactured by a third-party other than HP and is a copy toner cartridge whilst not infringing on the HP copyright of the toner cartridge, it will work in the HP printer as a replacement toner. This toner will be available online with the biggest saving compared to your original brand HP toner. The second type of replacement toner available is the re-manufactured toner cartridge and is again produced by a third-party manufacturer and not by HP themselves. This toner is an original HP toner cartridge that has been returned to a factory, inspected, repaired if necessary, re-chipped, refilled and tested. Because this toner was once an original brand HP cartridge it is identical to an original toner in everything except the packaging. This will cost slightly more than the compatible toner but will work just a swell offering savings in the region of 40% – 50%. The fact of the matter is that most high quality compatible HP toner is manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand and if it comes with a money-back guarantee by the supplier then there is absolutely no risk to the buyer. Why not make a purchase of compatible HP toner for your printer today and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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