Factors to consider when comparing the price of original brand and non-original printer ink in Dublin

Dublin CityPrinter ink in Dublin can eat a large chunk of your budget when it comes to printing homework for school or everyday printing at work. Non-original ink cartridges may have had some bad press in the past but with the realization of the size of the non-original ink and toner cartridge market, the manufacturers have got their act together and have been producing high quality reliable generic ink for the last couple of years. The two main factors to consider when buying ink for your printer whether at home or in the office is the price and the quality. Taking a look at the price, first of all, the cost of a set of original ink cartridges can be astronomical and make the cost of your printing pretty much unaffordable. The original brand inkjet cartridges can be priced as much as 100% more expensive than their non-original counterparts.

In fact, a recent UK survey had the price of original brand printer ink more expensive per ml than Chanel No. 5 or a bottle of good quality champagne! Therefore a consideration that cannot be ignored is the price, big savings are available across all printer ink and toner brands, popular and obscure. The online suppliers of compatible or generic printer cartridges will also very often offer low-cost or free delivery as they are able to manipulate the price of the ink as the margins are not as tight on the non-original as on the original brand ink. Some people see cartridge refill as an option but the downside is that not all ink and toner cartridges are able to be refilled and you also have to physically get in your car and drive to the shop to leave your cartridge to be refilled and then call back to collect it.

The reliability of the non-original should be of the same standard as an original brand cartridge. The few occasions that an issue may arise, one being if the printer does not recognize the ink cartridge then your supplier should be able to guide you through the process to rectify this. The print quality of the ink or toner will be fine for everyday use at home or in the office however if you are printing photo quality images on photographic quality paper and would like the most optimum results you can get from your printer then original brand cartridges is the only way you will achieve this. Other than that, printing using compatible ink cartridges in Dublin should be an enjoyable experience and a great way to save money on your printing.

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Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of Printerinkcartridges.ie.
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