Can I get good quality prints using compatible ink cartridges in Galway?

If you have recently made the switch to using compatible ink cartridges then you will be enjoying cheaper printing and for general day to day use, see no difference in print quality.

Get Good Quality Print Outs Using Compatible Ink Cartridges in GalwayCompatible ink cartridges in Galway are becoming more and more popular due to the big savings on offer. When comparing prints from printers using original brand cartridges to those using compatible there is virtually no difference in the quality. The cost of an original brand Galway ink cartridge can be as much as 70% more than that of a compatible! For every day printing, the quality of either type of ink is pretty much the same. You may experience a difference in using the compatible cartridges if you are photo printing and clarity of colour is of vital importance. Also, the photo prints produced by a compatible may tend to fade in colour after a period of time whereas the original brand should not give you this problem.

Original brand printer ink in Galway can be more expensive per millilitre than champagne or Chanel No. 5! This is a discovery first made in the UK by the BBC team Watchdog as they investigated the excessive price of original brand ink cartridge compared to the low cost of the printers. Also many of the original brand cartridges are not filled to maximum whereas the compatibles generally are. If for example, there is only a slight difference in the price of a compatible ink cartridge in Galway and that of an original brand, then check the volume levels as the difference may be in the volume of ink actually in the cartridge as opposed to the price!

Good quality compatible inks will work in most brands of printers. In some cases where the printer rejects the cartridge or refuses to recognise it, a simple solution is available to overcome the issue. So the general rule of thumb for using compatibles or as some people refer to them, cheap ink cartridges in Galway, is that they are find for every day printing at home and in the office. The savings available when compared to using the original brand cartridges are too big to ignore.

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