What is the difference between compatible and original inks?

As more and more people are looking to make the switch to using compatible ink and toner, here is some useful and helpful information to help make that decision.

Compatible or Original Ink Cartridges, Which one is more suited to you?

When our attention starts to focus on at the cost of ink cartridges the first thing that strikes us is the difference in price between original and compatible ink cartridges and why is the difference so big in some cases. Another way of asking the question would be ‘are compatible ink cartridges as good as the originals?’ The original brand ink cartridge is manufactured by the brand that makes the printer so every cartridge they produce should be of the highest quality and suited to that particular printer. The compatible cartridges are in effect clones of the originals; ink cartridges that are manufactured not by the original brand supplier but by a third party. These 3rd party manufacturers are careful not too infringe any copyright or patent of the original but at the same time make they compatible and usable with your printer.

For the home user and general office user the compatible ink cartridges are more than adequate to suit your needs. The only time you are likely to notice a difference in the quality may be in the printing of photo print outs where the colours are crucial but for most of the time this isn’t necessary. Within this same framework some colours may tend to fade after a period of time again only noticeable on colour photos that you may be printing out for resale. For general every day use, the compatible ink cartridge should work fine and give great savings for the heavy user.

Another version of the ‘compatible ink cartridge’ is the remanufactured ink cartridges. Not everyone understands the difference between these and their compatible cousins. The remanufactured ink actually contains the print head which means that every time your replace the cartridge you are replacing the print head. Brands such as HP, Lexmark and Dell all produce ink cartridges that use this system and these cartridges carry a lot of technology within them and this makes for good recycling value as the print heads will last way beyond the life of the ink in the cartridge when you first buy it. These cartridges are also refillable in a local refill shop and should work without too many issues. On some occasions though, after the cartridge has been refilled, the printer will know that it has been used before and try to reject the cartridge.

The savings to be had by using the compatible and remanufactured ink are too great to ignore and everyone should try it at least once to see if their printer can run for a fraction of the original cost.

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