I need to replace my printer but am unsure if I should buy an inkjet or laser printer

If you have reached the point of no return with your printer and finally frustration gives way to spending some money on replacing your printer, how do you decide whether to go inkjet or laser?

Inkjet Or Laser Printer - Which is Suited to You??Firstly consider how often you use the printer and how much money you spend on ink cartridges. If you only print once in a blue moon; for example printing your boarding pass when you are going on holiday, then an inkjet will suffice your needs. If several people in your home use the printer (during a school term this can mean the printer takes a hammering for ink and paper), it may still be advisable to stick with an inkjet printer. The crucial decision when buying an inkjet is the cost of replacing the cartridges, ask your supplier will the new printer use compatible inks, these can cost as much as 70% less than the original brand cartridges. Check with your ink supplier that the history of the printer working with compatibles is positive – worth checking this especially if you are thinking of purchasing a HP printer. Also, if you are just printing basic documents either in black and white or colour such as an Excel spreadsheet or emails then an inkjet printer should be sufficient. There will be a considerable difference in the price between an inkjet and laser printer – the inkjet will usually be less than €100. An all-in-one inkjet printer is useful because it gives you some features such as the copy facility that would be on a laser printer (but not at the same speed). Again, paying attention to the cost of a replacement ink cartridge is important, as it will impact on the cost of running the printer during its lifetime.

There are basically two types of laser printer, the basic document print and a Printer/Copier/Scanner. These printer uses laser toner cartridges as opposed to ink cartridges. The cost of printing per page is less with a laser printer than inkjet although the initial purchase price and toner cost is higher than its inkjet counterpart. The next major advantage is the print speed. A4 documents have been printed in bulk at a face pace. The downside is the cost of the toners, however, if you use the compatible or remanufactured toners this can give you considerable savings of approximately 40%. Overall, for long term high volume printing the laser printer is the better choice as the number of ink cartridges used for laser would be considerably less than that of an inkjet printer.

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