How to Find the Lowest Priced Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Ink Cartridges in Cork

Shop Online for Compatible Ink Cartridges in Cork and Save up to 70%Original brand ink cartridges have now become so expensive that they are actually more expensive per ml than Chanel No. 5 or a good quality bottle of champagne. At least that’s according to a recent survey carried out in the UK by Watchdog and there’s no sign of the prices coming down either.

It’s common knowledge that the price of ink cartridges in Cork is already astronomical and becoming more unaffordable by the minute with Epson, Brother, Canon and HP original brand cartridges among the most costly. The advent of compatible ink cartridges in Cork has made a real difference to the cost of printing your own documents in some cases allowing savings of up 70%. Online shopping for ink is the way ahead and with plenty of good Irish suppliers offering next day delivery to Cork, there is no need to leave your home or office, just sit back and wait for your delivery. It’s unlikely that you be able to beat some of the online offers in the high street with many online suppliers offering low cost delivery and free ink cartridges to boot!

Many printers are now available to buy at reduced prices in the large stores locally as well as online. The trap many people fall into is that the cost of printer may be excessively low but the cost of the ink cartridges is very high. A simple piece of research on the printers that seem to be great value can prevent you from falling victim to this aggressive marketing by the big printer companies.

First of all, choose a couple of printers that take your fancy both for price and specification. Next check out the cost of the buying replacement original brand ink cartridges. The next part is the really clever bit, check that the printer will accept compatible ink cartridges without any real issues – to do this ring up an online supplier and ask will they give you a money-back guarantee with the compatible cartridges they sell. They will usually be honest enough to inform you if there are any issues with the non-original cartridges for that printer – lets face it, it’s in their interest to be truthful. If there are any issues with compatible ink for that printer they may recommend one that gives no issues at all. Nine times out of ten you will find that the online sellers of non-original ink cartridges will give you honest truthful advice.

Paul Johnston

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