SX130 Ink for Epson Proving Economical to Use

Get High Quality SX130 Ink Cartridges for Epson PrinterEpson’s reputation for producing good quality printers may have been put to the test in recent times with their temptation to compromise price with quality. In other words, selling cheap printers for less than the cost of the ink cartridges. Manufacturers such as HP and Lexmark have been carrying out this practice for a number of years and seem to prefer to make money from their ink cartridges rather than the printers. The advantage of buying a low budget Epson SX130 printer for many consumers has for instance being able to buy cheap SX130 ink as opposed to buying he more expensive print head version of other brands.

It has, however, become more difficult over recent years to buy compatible SX130 ink cartridges that are fully recognised by the Epson printers but there are a few suppliers, particularly in Ireland that can supply the recognised version. Not all compatible ink cartridges are the same and public confidence was seen to be waning for a while as cheap poor quality ink cartridges had appeared on the market. The T1285 ink cartridges will work with a variety of Epson printers of which the SX130 is one. The black T1281 ink cartridge being the most commonly replaced. The SX130 ink has become more economical to use in Ireland due to the high quality compatible cartridges being sold at record low prices. These ink cartridges give goods quality print outs and with SX130 ink costing as little as €1.50 a cartridge there are serious savings to be made.

Considering that Epson printers would have cost over €125 ten years ago, it’s hard to believe that Epson are able to sell a similar product for a fraction of that price. Obviously with mass production in China this has become more of regular practice with other manufacturers following suit. The SX130 is generally a good quality all-in-one printer and the SX130 ink certainly makes it affordable and economical to use. The printer is easy to set up with the installation CD but unfortunately does not come with a USB lead.

The printer will come with a set of original brand T1285 ink cartridges and when installed will prompt you to perform a test print. The printer can be a little slow to print, especially large coverage full colour documents and to some can generate a noise level above what they would expect. On the whole, for moderate colour or black and white text printing, this printer with its great value black T1281 ink cartridges would perhaps suit home users more so than an office and represents very good value for money overall.

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