My printer model is not listed on the cartridge boxes I have received; will the cartridge work in my printer?

Very often when you buy compatible ink cartridges (and occasionally original brand ink) the model of the printer does not appear on the packaging of the box. Alarm bells immediately start to ring and you can become wary about opening the cartridge box. Even a quick call to the supplier might not allay your fears but the simple truth is that there is so many printer models added to the list of ink cartridges sold by all the major manufacturers that it’s virtually impossible to list every printer on the box! A good example of this would be the HP364 ink cartridges. HP was certainly thinking a head when they first developed these cartridges, as there are over 60 printers that will use these same cartridges.

Find Correct Ink Cartridges for Your HP Printer

A good way to check for yourself is to read the ink cartridge code from the existing cartridge in your printer. If it matches the code on the box then you know you have the correct cartridge. If there are no ink cartridges in the printer then Google your printer model and search for the cartridges it uses – this will give you the code you can check off against the code on the box you have received. If you have received the incorrect cartridges, return them to your supplier and request the correct ones.

I have ordered the correct cartridges but my print quality is poor.

There may be several reasons why the quality of print outs are not as good as you would expect. First of all remove the ink cartridges and check if the seal has been removed form the cartridge. Obvious as it sounds it is still worth checking. Re-install the cartridges and check to see if it’s likely that only one of the cartridges is giving the problem. Every printer has a built-in ‘nozzle check’; this can be accessed in the maintenance section of the printer utility. Perform a nozzle check to see if the print out matches the correct on screen chart. If you run this procedure 2 or 3 times (by the way this will use up ink) this may clear any blockage that’s causing the poor print quality. The nozzle clean will clean all the print heads and use ink from each colour ink cartridge. If this doesn’t make a difference to the overall quality of the print out, cease the cleaning operation, as it’s likely to be a faulty cartridge. Replace this and this should eliminate the problem.

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