Where can I find ink cartridges that fit in my budget?

The question of finding the cheapest ink cartridges in Dublin is still uppermost on most people’s lips when it comes to buying their replacement ink cartridges. January is a long month for many people with most being paid before Christmas and money has to be stretched as far as possible. Looking for printer ink in Dublin is easy enough it’s finding the cheapest that’s more of a challenge.

Shop online and buy cheap ink cartridges in dublin

Ink prices in Dublin are generally high when it comes to buying the original brand cartridges; the real value is in find the cheap compatible cartridges. Depending on your printer model, it’s not always that easy to find compatible ink for every printer. Some of the Lexmark and Canon can be difficult to locate and you end up paying the full original brand price while wondering if it might be nearly as cheap to replace the printer! There are a couple of ways to approach finding the low cost printer cartridges, you can use feet (as it’s often too stressful to take the car) or you can smart search Google. Suppliers of ink cartridges on-line are very receptive to your search enquiries.

The top 5 Tips for search terms that will bring you good results are:

  1. Cheap compatible printer ink in Dublin. This has to be the number one search term for bringing you the best search results for finding those low prices.
  2. How to find low cost ink cartridges in Dublin. This might sound obvious but don’t forget to search what you’re thinking. As Roy walker used to remind us ‘say what you see’
  3. Free ink cartridges in Dublin. As unlikely as it sounds, there are free ink cartridges available on-line with those suppliers who will reward you for your loyalty when shopping with them.
  4. Best Value ink cartridges in Dublin. This will bring a selection of suppliers who claim to be the cheapest in Dublin but check them all out as some will be cheaper than others.
  5. Dublin Ink Prices. Any on-line supplier discussing recent drops in their online prices are likely to be picked up in this search term.

By the time you have worked your way through the 5 options you should have gathered enough information on the prices of a few selected suppliers to help you make up your mind. There are some other options to consider before you buy, are any suppliers offering a money back guarantee on their ink cartridges? Is there an instant reward scheme where you are given free cartridges or a gift for buying form a particular supplier? There is always added value when buying ink cartridges in Dublin if you look closely enough.

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Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of Printerinkcartridges.ie.
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