Where do I find the Cheapest Ink Cartridges in Cork?

Shop smartly for best deal and cheapest Ink Cartridges in CorkIf I had a euro for every time someone asked the question where do I find the cheapest ink cartridges in Cork I would be a wealthy man I am sure. Of course there are several suppliers of good quality compatible ink cartridges but which is the best value ink shop in Cork?

The answer is really quite simple – shop around for the best deal and then compare it with the deals available online. Treat searching for ink cartridges the same as you would for getting the best value home or car insurance in Cork. When it comes to renewing your car insurance you don’t automatically go with the same company again, or at least you shouldn’t do. You would shop around and get the best quote and do a comparison before making a final decision. In fact, nowadays you don’t even have to do that because there are websites that will do the comparison for you. Not such for ink cartridges in Cork at the moment but nevertheless you should make a note of the best value ink cartridges – these will inevitably be compatible cartridges – and make a decision based on the price and quality of the ink.

I am sure you will find there are plenty of good deals in a local ink shops but will there be any chance of some real added value deals such as free ink cartridges when you purchase a full set of inks or toner? The bottom line is always price but you have to be sure of the quality and reliability of the ink before you buy and a good way to find out is to check reviews on the supplier’s facebook page. If the supplier is active on their social media sites then there will be genuine reviews that will encourage you to buy or not whichever the case may be. The price of ink has soared in recent times putting it on a level par with that of an expensive perfume or a good champagne so it’s crucial that you get the best value when buying your ink cartridges. Whether it’s as a home user or a business, the annual bill for ink for a busy household or small business can run to hundreds of euros. Start smart searching online and don’t put up with paying expensive original brand ink prices when you can literally save hundreds of euros a year shopping online for your ink cartridges.

Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of Printerinkcartridges.ie.
Paul had vast experience gained in the graphic design and print industry for 15 years prior to his venture into on-line retailing in 2010 with ink and toner replacement cartridges. Paul enjoys writing blogs, social media for small businesses, internet marketing and above all sharing the latest information he deems helpful to fellow bloggers.