I have installed my Advent ink cartridges and they are not recognised by my printer

Advent ink cartridges now come in two editions, the early edition that work with early Advent printer models such as AW10 and the new generation ink cartridge that facilitates the Advent AWP10 printer. The old generation cartridges will not work with the latest AWP10 printers and the message ‘ink cartridges not recognised’ will appear in the dialogue window. There is not way to get the earlier generation cartridges to work, you must return them to the supplier you bought them from and ask for the newer ink cartridge. It’s worth mentioning the model of the printer to the supplier when you are ordering the cartridge in the first place to avoid any disappointment.

Find Solution When Ink Cartridges Not Recognized By Advent PrinterThe good quality compatible second generation ink cartridges will work fine with the Advent printers. These printer is manufactured on behalf of PC World and Currys. It is very similar in its workings to the earlier Kodak models that unfortunately are no longer manufactured. These printer is a good all rounder for general-purpose printing and uses 2 ink cartridges, black and colour. These ink cartridges are not readily available, as compatibles so you might have a bit of searching to do online for them but there are good quality compatibles out there and the savings you make will make the searching worth it.

There are a limited number of Advent printer models as the manufacturers never intended to flood the market with a variety of printers. This means that the new generation black and colour ink cartridges that are available will work with all the printer models. There are good value two packs available on line with even bigger savings offered with four pack bundle deals This would consist of two black and two colour cartridges and keep a home user in ink for some time to come. The best deals for Advent printer ink cartridges are undoubtedly online and with many free gifts also offered by suppliers as an incentive to buy, shopping online for these cartridges can be an enjoyable experience.

If there are any issue with the compatible cartridges then you should contact your supplier but its possible from time to time that the heads on the printer may become clogged and necessitate the need to perform a head cleaning procedure. This can happen to any printer, not just an Advent. This procedure is straight forward and easy to perform. You can access the procedure through your printer utilities (usually located in your printer and fax section) or if you are in Microsoft Word, open a file and simply go to file> print> properties> maintenance> head cleaning. This should sort out any issues such as poor print quality and allow you to print a test page to find out where the issues with your ink are.

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