Guide to Installing Brother Compatible Ink Cartridge

As a guide for consumers using Brother compatible ink cartridges we are addressing the issues some consumers may face when installing compatible cartridges. While the compatible cartridges are great value form time to time they may have issues with cartridge recognition. We have tried to highlight below some of the more common problems people encounter.

Guide to Installing Brother Compatible Ink Cartridge

Q. My Brother LC970/LC1000 compatible cartridge does not fit the printer the same as the original.

A. During the manufacturing process the compatible ink cartridge is designed to avoid direct infringement patents that are owned by the original brand printer manufacturer. This will mean that the cartridge may look slightly different but will still fit the same and print as normal.

Q. My Brother LC970/LC1000 compatible cartridge will not eject when I open the cartridge access door.

A. Grab the tab on the back of the cartridge and use this to pull the cartridge free of the printer.

Q. My Brother LC980/LC1100 cartridge does not seem to fit into the printer as the original brand.

A. The cartridge, while may appear slightly different in design due to issues regarding copyright will fit correctly. Before installing the cartridge remove the red sealing clip by snapping it off.

Q. After installing my LC980/LC1100 ink cartridge the printer is saying that it cannot detect the cartridge.

A. Remove the cartridge from the printer and push the reflector on the cartridge up until it clicks into position. Re-install the ink cartridge slowly.

Q. I have installed my LC980/LC1100 ink cartridge correctly but the printer now says it can’t print as there isn’t enough ink to maintain print quality.

A. If you have installed a new ink cartridge and the replace ink message appears then you should follow instruction 1 – 4 below:

1. Remove the compatible ink cartridge from the printer.
2. Push the reflector on the cartridge up before installing the cartridge into the printer.
3. Tilt the cartridge forward to allow the front chamber of the cartridge to fill with ink.
4. Reinstall the compatible cartridge in the printer, slowly.

Generally the compatible cartridges for Epson  do not give too many problems but it may depend on the source of the ink cartridge. Always try to ensure the cartridges come from a reliable seller if bought online. Seek out reviews of the seller either on their own website or use social media to get the latest comments on their products. On some occasions it may be that the compatible cartridge ‘chip’ is faulty and will not work. If you have tried all of the above it is quite likely that this is the case and you require a replacement cartridge.

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