Why am I Getting Poor Quality Print?

I am getting Blurred Print Outs

1) Probable Cause:

Helpful Hints to Get Optimum Print Results from your PrinterThe sharpness of the print out depends on the interaction between the printer ink cartridge and paper you are using. Using printer ink with high surface tension gives sharp printouts. The disadvantage to using this type of ink cartridge is the length of time they take to dry as they penetrate the surface of the paper very slowly and stays on the surface of the paper for a longer period of time than for example a plain paper. Printer inks with a lower surface tension will dry quite fast but can soak into the paper causing the contours of the characters to appear blurred. This effect is referred to as bleeding. Our ink cartridges are designed to replicate the performance of an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) ink cartridge.

Helpful Solution:

To achieve an optimum print result on a plain paper, we would recommend you try different paper manufacturers. For a high quality print out, you should use a premium coated glossy inkjet paper available in most local shops and on-line stores. Always check the weight of the paper, anything too heavy may not pass through your printer!

I am getting Horizontal Lines on my print out

1) Probable Cause:

Air bubble in the print head: This is a common cause behind a lot of printing problems. When you are changing the ink cartridge, it’s possible that air bubbles can enter the print head. This will stop the necessary pressure required building up and as a result, no ink will be sprayed onto the surface of the paper and you will see white lines appear in the print out. This effect is also sometimes referred to as ‘banding’.

Helpful Solution:

The best way to improve the quality of your print out is to use the print head cleaning cycle feature. The printer ink is flushed through the print head to re-new the ink flow. It’s likely that you might have to carry out this head cleaning procedure more than once to achieve the desired result.

2) Probable Cause:

Blocked up Printer nozzles: If the printer has not been used for used for long periods of time it’s likely that particles will build up and block the print head. Regular use of the printer, even printing once a month can make a different as it prevents the ink cartridges from drying out.

Helpful Solution:

Removing this blockage is simple, just run the head cleaning cycle followed by a nozzle check (you can access this through printer properties > maintenance > head cleaning. If you can’t get a satisfactory result after trying 3 or 4 head cleaning cycles, go into properties and select ‘Best Photo’ option and try a print out in the mode. This will push more ink through the head and may clear the blockage at the same time.

3) Possible Cause:

Print head needs replacing: With frequent use the print heads are prone to wear and tear like any other part and may at some time need replacing. Depending on the printer manufacturer and the price of the printer. Some print heads will have a limited life. For example, Epson use a Piezo print heads that will guarantee a long life. When they do become defective or worn out the repair can be costly, more than likely more than the cost of a replacement printer.

Helpful Solution:

Some printers have the feature of the integrated print heads, which basically means that the heads are separate from the ink tank; Epson and most Canon printers are among the manufacturers that sell this system of printer. The print heads are replaced on these types of printers, but as mentioned earlier this can be costly and these parts are not available as compatible parts so you are likely to pay a premium price. With HP, Dell and Lexmark the print head is actually part of the ink cartridge and is actually replaced every time you replace the ink cartridge.

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