How to connect your printer to an iPad or iPhone and print using AirPrint and other apps

More and more people are using their iPads and iPhones not only for general surfing of the web but as a substitute for a desktop printer and need to be able to print their documents as normal.

Connect your Printer to an iPad or iPhone using AirPrint and Other AppsIOS devices are actually set up to be used with a printer and if you have a wireless printer then it should be easy enough to print off your documents or Safari pages from your iPhone or iPad. If you do not possess an Airprint enabled printer don’t worry as there are other options for you to consider.

Airprint printers have a feature on them that enables they to dedicate themselves, if required, to print form an iPad or iPhone. They will also work with a normal computer and the ink cartridges are standard as they would be with any other printer. To set up the printer you will need wifi for this so make sure your printer is switched on and you are connected. You will be given the choice to print from Safari, Mail, Notes, Photos or one of the other apps that have an arrow-sharing icon on the bottom left. Click on that arrow and select printer. This will bring you to printer options and the first time you print a document you will need to select your printer. Your iPad or iPhone will scan for an Airprint printer, when it has found as printer just select yours.

There are third-party apps available for printing from your iPhone or iPad for those of you that do not have an Airprint printer. These apps have a browser that allows you to see the files stored on your iPhone or iPad. You can install the software for these apps on your PC and through that get connected to the printer enabling the iPhone or iPad to connect to the printer. Once connected you can print wireless from then on. There are dedicated apps that you can download from portals such as Xerox and Epson and they work in the same way enabling the printer to communicate with the mobile device. Once you have connected your iPad or iPhone to your printer and are ready to print try turning your attention to the cost of your ink cartridges. A compatible ink cartridge can be up to 70% less than the cost of a genuine cartridge. There are big savings to be made online and great rewards from many online suppliers for your repeat business.

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