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HP Toner DealsHewlett Packard have been the driving force in laser printers for the past decade and have produced excellent laser printers for the home user and busy office. HP toner is widely available both in the high street and on-line. The best deals for printer toner is definitely on-line with many on-line suppliers now able to offer compatible toner cartridges at 50% less than their original counterparts. It is definitely worth searching on-line for these deals and a good way to start is to begin by searching Google for HP Toner. This will bring you into contact with suppliers based in Ireland and the UK. The first thing to consider here is the delivery cost from the UK, this is likely to be very high considering the weight of the printer toner cartridges. You could try and limit the search to HP toner in Ireland and this will bring you in contact with a supplier that is more likely to offer you a low cost delivery charge.

There are more and more suppliers of printer toner in Ireland now who are able to offer good deals on their products with some suppliers even willing to offer free toner cartridges with a multipack order. A multipack order for printer toner usually consists of four toner colours black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The price of buying all four toners will be discounted whether you are buying original toners or compatible printer toners. However, the real savings are to be made with the compatible HP toner, as much as 50% on a multipack of four toners. Reliability is a big concern for people, but if you check firstly that the supplier you have chosen will offer technical support or a money back guarantee on the toner cartridges then at least you have some peace of mind.

Get the Best Offers for HP Toner With Multipack or Bundle Deals

In Ireland nowadays, it is actually possible to get free toner cartridges with some on-line suppliers who also offer next day delivery. The best offers for printer toner are too be had with the large multipack or bundle deals, these involve buying up to 8 printer toners and getting 2 toners free. This is perfect for the busy office and heavy home user as the free toner cartridges are very often the black cartridges. Also, when you discover a great HP toner deal online don’t keep it to yourself, spread the word through facebook and linked-in to all your friends and colleagues so they can share in the big savings. All the on-line suppliers are keen to get your business so if you use a lot of HP toner then why not call up an on-line supplier and see if they will offer you a deal, if you are willing to give them a big enough order then I suspect they will play ball with you. They will go to great lengths to get your loyalty and make you a repeat customer. Don’t forget, if you don’t ask you don’t get!.

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