My HP printer is rejecting my compatible ink cartridges, what can I do?

Sometimes when a compatible ink cartridge is installed in a HP printer, the printer will reject the cartridge. Initially, check that the ink cartridge is the correct cartridge for that printer. An obvious, but necessary suggestion. If you are unsure or the markings on the cartridge are unclear, contact your supplier for advice.

Get solution when HP printer is rejecting compatible ink cartridgesInstalling ink cartridges incorrectly is another very common occurrence. Maybe the cartridge is not located properly in the well; it should click and feel if it has ‘clicked in’ properly. Make sure not to use any excessive force when installing the cartridge, it’s better to try gently a few times than be too forceful. If the cartridge is located properly in position and the error message is ‘cartridge not recognized’ then remove the cartridge and try the next suggestion. If the cartridge has copper plate on it then it’s possible that static for the plastic wrapper may have caused the information on the ’chip’ to become unreadable. A quick way to try and overcome this is to try cleaning the copper area with a rubber or a dry soft cloth. If you printer takes more than one cartridge then it’s best to install the ink cartridges one at a time to eliminate any single problem cartridge. For example, if you need to replace several cartridges, install the black ink cartridge first and see if that works for you. If not, then try and resolve that issue before you replace any of the other colours. For instance you can reinstall the empty black ink cartridge and then try installing one of the other colours to see if that is recognized. This will tell you if it’s a single cartridge that’s at fault or if it’s more likely that the printer will not accept any compatible ink cartridges.

There is also the tried and tested method of switching the printer off and on again, this may help clear the printer’s memory and enable the cartridges to be recognized. There are some of the newer HP printers that have software installed that will prevent the user from using compatible or remanufactured inkjet cartridges. Your ink supplier should be able to advise you if your model is one of these printers. A useful tip when purchasing a new printer is check with the seller if that printer will work with a set of compatible ink cartridge so you can make savings on your ink as soon as the factory supplied ink that comes with your printer runs out.

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