HP 364XL ink Cartridges

HP Ink Cartridge MultipacksThe versatile HP 364 ink cartridge works with upwards of 50 different HP printers and is one of the most popular HP ink cartridges on the market. The cartridge comes in five different colours; HP364 photo black (CB322EE) ink cartridge, HP 364XL (CB321EE) Black high capacity ink cartridge, HP 364XL (CB323EE) Cyan high capacity ink cartridge, HP 364XL (CB324EE) Magenta high capacity cartridge and HP364XL (CB325EE) Yellow high capacity ink cartridge. The high capacity ink cartridges obviously give more output than the standard ink cartridges but the real value comes when buying the remanufactured version of these ink cartridges. At one time there may have been issues with the remanufactured or compatible versions of these inkjet cartridges but not any more. There are good quality compatible HP364XL ink cartridges now available that are fully ‘chipped’ and work with the HP printers with no issues at all.

The compatible HP364XL black ink cartridges also hold up to 90% more ink than their genuine counterpart and the colours hold 100% more! That certainly makes for a really good value when buying ink for a busy office. There are great deals on-line for multipacks of these inkjet cartridges and as well as great savings there are free ink cartridges on offer as well. Many of the multipack offers on-line in Ireland offer buy a full set and get one free. This is usually a HP364XL black ink cartridge although if you contact the on-line supplier they will very often substitute it for you for another colour if you end up with too many black HP ink cartridges. Up until recently, there were issues with the ‘chips’ on the compatible HP 364XL inkjet cartridges but they seem to have been overcome and are widely accepted as a good substitute for the original HP 364XL ink cartridges now within the industry.

Small office or home users usually use the printers that operate with the HP364XL ink cartridges, they work well in these environments where usage is not of the extent where a laser printer is required. Having said that, any savings that you can make buying ink cartridges whether in the office or at home is always a bonus. In fact, some small offices may have been thinking of shifting to a more expensive laser printer to save money long term as they felt that they were buying too many ink cartridges for their printer, but now with the compatible HP364XL inkjet cartridges available at affordable prices they can delay indefinitely on making the switch. The other advantage of using the printer that uses the four separate colour HP364XL ink cartridges is that you only need to replace the ink cartridge that runs out and not all four at once. It is also unlikely that unless you are printing out photo quality images that you will need to replace the photo black ink cartridge. Overall, there are plenty of good deals on-line in Ireland for these ink cartridges so get on-line today and Google HP364XL ink cartridges in Ireland!

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