Ink Cartridges in Dublin More Expensive than Champagne?

There has been a lot press coverage recently about the price of printer ink in Dublin being more expensive than buying a bottle of vintage champagne, vintage port or Chanel No 5. They are of course speaking about the original brand ink cartridges that are being sold by the printer manufacturers such as Epson, Brother, Canon and HP etc. It’s estimated that the cost of the printer ink the original manufacturers are selling is approximately 55cents for 4ml and this is being sold for close on €3000 per litre. Naturally enough in the UK it is being referred to as the ‘great printer ink rip off’. Will this make using compatible ink cartridges in Dublin the way forward? Original brand cartridges can cost a busy family running a printer in excess of €250 a year!

Printer Ink cartridges in Dublin - Costs is More than Vintage Champagne

What most people don’t realise is that the original brand ink cartridges in Dublin that you buy have a higher capacity for filling with ink than is actually used. The evidence of this is with the so-called XL ink cartridges. These cartridges are the same physical size as the standard cartridge (after all, they have to fit into the same slot as the standard cartridge) but they have more ink in them. This has been a way for the printer ink manufacturers to put two products on the market and charge more for the cartridge with more ink.

It is really very clever marketing when you think about it, if you are buying your ink cartridges in Dublin, you may choose to buy the lower original brand but you will certainly be back for more in a very short space of time. Also, a recent report by ‘Which?’ magazine has uncovered another problem with some brands of ink cartridges. It seems that some brands of printer use up more ink than others due to ‘pointless’ cleaning cycles. Of course every time you use a cleaning cycle it uses up more ink. When some printers are switched on, they go through an automatic cleaning cycle and in turn this means that if you use your printer for long periods of time on a regular basis, you will in fact use less ink than someone who hardly uses their printer at all. If this doesn’t make people shopping for ink cartridges in Dublin switch to compatible ink I don’t know what will.

The savings on compatible ink cartridges in Dublin are up to 70% and going on the evidence above, this is a way to fight back against the overpriced original brand cartridges. With some compatibles there may be a problem with the microchip reading the volume levels of the cartridge but this can be overcome by various methods, most of which your supplier can reveal to you. Think on, save money by using compatible ink cartridges and order you vintage champagne or Chanel No 5 next time you are looking for ink cartridges in Dublin.

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