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Ink Shop CorkThe recent arrival of the virtual ink shop in Cork has proved a big hit with the local business and home users. On-line users are taking advantage of the great prices for the compatible ink cartridges of all the leading brands including, Epson, HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark and Dell. These ink cartridges are reportedly the cheapest in Cork and are being offered on a next day delivery service. The great advantage for the busy office or home user is that you don’t have to leave the premises, the virtual ink shop Cork will deliver by courier next day for 99cents!

There are some great deals to be had when you are looking for ink cartridges in Cork, the multipack deals reward your loyalty with FREE ink cartridges with all the multipack deals. The smallest multipack of ink cartridges is a set of 4 ink cartridges with 1 ink cartridge free, the next set of multipack is for 8 ink cartridges with 2 free, the next set is for 12 ink cartridges with 3 ink cartridges free and for the heavy user or ‘wise buyer’ is the 16 cartridges with 4 free! Trying to buy ink cartridges in Cork has never been easier, and now you can get an instant reward for shopping on-line.

There has been a need for an ink shop in Cork that will give you better deals on your ink cartridges and offer you some sort of reward for your loyalty. Too many shops both on-line and in the high street expect you to shop with them time and time again without ever so much as a free cartridge. You can often hear about these new on-line suppliers on facebook as people tend to share the news about any new ink shop in Cork with their friends. More and more people are sharing the information about the best value for printer ink cartridges due to the high running costs of the printers.

Cork CityHow reliable are these on-line suppliers of ink cartridges in Cork? Well, a good way to test them is to make sure first of all there is a money guarantee on their ink cartridges, secondly is there a customer support telephone number? If the supplier of the ink cartridges is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt with a money back guarantee then they are definitely on your side! Of course you can also start by buying a small multipack that you would consider no risk and if you are happy with the ink cartridges then you have found your new supplier! It may be the way of the internet that you will get not only an virtual ink shop Cork, but a virtual ink shop in every city in Ireland before long offering great rewards for shopping on-line and that can only be a good thing for all of us consumers.

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