Switching to Compatible HP Toner and Printing the Same Amount of Pages for a lot less Money

Has the thought ever crossed your mind to switch to compatible HP toner but you have actually committed to doing it? HP printers are one of the most popular desktop laser printers on the market and you can be sure to find one in almost every office in the country. There are two types, the black and white (mono) and colour laserjet printer. Obviously the black and white printer is for pretty much text documents only while the colour printer can give fast well-defined colour prints in a fraction of the time that an inkjet printer will produce the same document. The initial cost of the HP printer is certainly considerably more than you would pay for than an inkjet printer but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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The HP laserjet printer will allow you to print large quantities of paper at a fast rate while retaining the quality of the print. Are there any downsides to owning a HP laser printer and is there anything to consider for example before you purchase one? The answer is quite obvious to those of us in the trade and the first thing we should consider is the running cost of the printer. The main consideration should be given to how much per copy it will cost to either produce a black and white or colour print. This can be calculated by dividing the cost of the laser toner by the number of pages it will produce.

For example if we take the HP toner cartridges CF410X, CF411X, CF412X and CF413X, the black toner will 6500 pages and the colours 5000 pages. The cost of an original brand HP toner CF410X black toner is approximately €158.00 which calculates the cost per print as 0.02 cents. The compatible HP toner equivalent cost is approximately €80 and therefore the cost per print comes in at 0.01 cent. The original HP toner colour CF411X cartridge is approximately €212 offering a cost per colour page of 0.04 cents while the compatible version of the toner comes in at 0.0002 cents per page. The savings with opting for the compatible version of the toner are huge and any business trying to save money should be making the switch to compatibles as soon as possible!

If you have concerns about the quality and reliability of the compatible HP toner cartridges then there is not need. Many businesses and homes users across Ireland and the UK have switch to using compatible toners, not jut HP but all the leading brands such as Canon, Brother, Dell and Samsung too. Let’s face it, being in business is all about being competitive and keeping costs down is one of the best ways to do that. Implementing a strategy such as switching all printers to using compatible ink and toner could be a good starting point. It’s important initially to get a good supplier so pick up the phone to one of the larger online suppliers and see what they can do for you regarding customer support, what happens when a toner doesn’t work and what sort of guarantee they will offer you on your product.

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There is a lot of scare-mongering theses days about compatible HP toner and while some of it may be merited if there are poor quality imports being sold the majority of the toners are sold with a full money-back guarantee offering no risk to the user as repeat business is the name of the game of any reputable supplier and it’s worth remembering any customer is too valuable to lose.

Paul Johnston

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