A set of original brand ink cartridges in Galway is likely to cost more than the printer

Great Deals on Home Printers both Locally and Online and Save Money The cost of a new home printer dropped significantly in 2014 in an effort by printer manufacturers to increase sales and revenue. This clever marketing ploy had people rushing to the big stores or indeed buying online at prices that seem to defy logic. The well-known local retailers were selling printers for as little as €40 for a basic home printer with an all-in-one (printer/copier/scanner) for as little as €60! Wow! You might say, let’s rush out and buy a printer right now and replace the dodgy printer I have or in case I need to replace my printer in the near future as surely these prices will not be repeated. The short answer to this is that the low cost of buying the printer will continue for the short term, at least for printers that are no longer the latest models. What should be concerning us is the cost of the ink cartridges in Galway for the printer we buy.

It’s a fact that some people who have purchased a new printer have gone to their printer ink in Galway and have been shocked to find that the cost of the cartridges is as much or more than they paid for the printer! Is this hard to believe? Well not really considering that the price of original brand printer ink in Galway costs more per millilitre than Chanel No.5 or a good quality champagne. The cost of a set of original brand ink cartridges can cost more than the cost of the printer so it’s imperative that we do our homework before we buy. Contact a local supplier of ink cartridges in Galway and seek their advice on the printer that is on offer at the moment in one of the large retailers. Find out if the cartridges for that particular are available at the moment (if it is a very recent model it may be that the compatible version of the cartridge has not yet been released to market), if they are available ask if there are good savings to be made on it. Your on-line supplier will be a big help to you here as they will want you to become a customer of theirs and will do all they can to assist you.

There are many great deals on printers both locally and on-line so check out 3 or 4 of them before you decide to buy, the ink cartridges will be the single biggest expense after you buy the printer so be smart and do your research before you buy.

Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of Printerinkcartridges.ie.
Paul had vast experience gained in the graphic design and print industry for 15 years prior to his venture into on-line retailing in 2010 with ink and toner replacement cartridges. Paul enjoys writing blogs, social media for small businesses, internet marketing and above all sharing the latest information he deems helpful to fellow bloggers.