How to Print Professional Low Cost Christmas Menus for your Restaurant?

As the run in to Christmas gets underway many bars and restaurants are about to introduce their 2014 Christmas menu. Having your menus designed and printed at a Commercial Printers can be costly and sometimes out weight benefits financially. One option is to design and print the menus in-house using your existing inkjet printer or laser printer. Is it cost effective is the first question many of us will ask and will the cost of the ink cartridges being astronomical? We can deal with the cost of the ink later, but first of all some tips on designing the menu. If your menu is going to be A4 (this is a good idea as it will mean you will have no trimming to do) then set up your file in Microsoft Word or Publisher. Typing out the menu is straightforward enough, try and use some different fonts that have the appearance of Christmas.

Save Money on Printing Christmas Menus for Restaurant using Compatible Ink Cartridges

A nice font for the heading with snow on it would look effective. Many of these fonts are available online to download free and will give your menu that real Christmas feel. The layout of the content of the menu is very important, as it will need to display all your meals clearly and be easy for the reader to understand. When your content is typed then you need to decide on the layout – is it going to be one full sheet of A4 information or split into 3 columns and then fold to 1/3 A4 (this would be the size of a DL envelope when it is folded). The next part is the one that worries most people – the design. A good tip is to keep it simple with one background image. Search Google Images for an image you fell would look good as a background – this could be a Christmas scene, a tree or Santa Claus. Another tip here is to search for the image using your filter and only select high quality or Large file. This will ensure that you will have a high-resolution image in the background of your menu.

Now we come to the printing and ‘finishing’ of the menu. You may need up to 100 menus so a part from the paper the next major cost is your ink cartridges. Try to print on the heaviest paper that your printer will allow, this could be around 160gsm – it feels heavier than a standard 100gsm paper but not quite as heavy as a card. Using compatible ink and toner cartridges bought online from as little as 1 Euro per ink cartridge the cost of your printing is suddenly affordable.

When you have printed your menu then you have the choice of presenting the menu as it is or having it nicely finished by laminating or folding depending on your layout preference. Using your own tools and printing with compatible inkjet or laser toner cartridges will give you more control over the cost of printing your restaurant menus this Christmas.

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