How to Take Professional Photos and Print them in Cork on a Budget?

It's estimated that over 200,000 photographs are uploaded to the online every minute, but for those of us who like to print their photos as a hard copy wouldn't it be great to do it cheaply and still make stand the photos out from the crowd?

Take professional photos and print them using compatible ink cartridges in Cork on a budget.As a keen amateur there are a couple things that you can do to help bring your photographs to the next level. Before you begin uploading images and sharing on your Facebook page it’s worth considering the five key photograph attributes that will help you take and print top class photos.

The subject is the first important element of the photograph. Make sure it is a compelling subject, something people will be interested in. The lighting is the next important element to consider. Photographs are 2 dimensional but with good use of lighting it’s possible to add texture to the subject the photo can appear almost 3 dimensional. Also, the time of day is important. Bright sunlight at mid-day may result in harsh, flat light while the lower angle of the sun later in the day will result in softer, warmer light.

Colour in the photo is important. Strong colours in good lighting add to the quality and appeal of the photograph. Composition of the photos in photography composition is the setting or arrangement of the visual elements, as distinct from the subject of a photograph. Gestures or implying movement in the photo adds interest and can make a good picture into a great one. Photos for web use do not require high-resolution files but or those photos you print yourself it’s important to ensure your photo resolution is high quality.

Printing photos high quality for either framing or storing in albums invariably means printing on photo quality paper. It is also advisable to set your printing preferences to ‘best photo’; this ensures your photo receives an evenly distributed amount of ink across the page.

Remember, printing an 8 inch by 10 inch photo can use a lot of ink and can be costly unless you purchase a supply of compatible ink cartridges in Cork. Compatible ink can cost as little as 70% of the original brand ink cartridges and make printing your photos very cost effective.

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