I have installed a new ink cartridge in the printer and a message appears saying the cartridge is empty

Most remanufactured cartridges (these are ink cartridges with the print head built-in) may show that the ink is low or display empty ink levels. To overcome this you will have to instruct the printer to ignore the ink levels and allow you to continue printing.

Find Solution If Printer Says New Ink Cartridge is EMPTYFirstly insert the ink cartridge into the printer and try to print a document. You must wait until an error message appears telling you the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced. Hold down the cancel button on your printer for 5 seconds then release (the stop button with a diamond shape in the middle). If the message continues to appear then hold down the cancel button for a further 5 seconds. The printer should now allow you to print. However, be aware that the ink levels may still show as that of being low or empty but the printer should now ignore this and continue to print.

Another issue can arise when you inserted ink cartridges into your printer and you receive an error message telling you that the cartridge is missing or faulty. The first thing to do is to check if the inkjet cartridges are the correct ones for your printer, this may sound obvious but mistakes can be made when buying cartridges. If the cartridge is the correct brand, for example if it’s an Epson printer, check that the cartridge is for that particular model. Next, make sure that all the packaging has been removed and any clips or seals are also removed from the ink cartridge. While the printer is still switch on try pulling out the power cable located at the back of the printer and leave out for approximately 15 minutes. This will give the printer a chance to reset itself. If this fails to work you can removing the ink cartridges and gently rub the copper ‘chip’ area with a soft cloth in case there is a build up of dust or static. It’s also a good idea to eliminate any individual cartridge issues by installing one cartridge at a time to determine if it is one rogue ink cartridge that is causing the problem rather than the full set.

Another common issue with cartridges is when you insert the cartridge but the print quality is poor or there is no print at all on the paper. This is usually caused by a non-flow of ink from the cartridge through the print head. In the case of an ink cartridge with an integrated printed head, take a warm damp cloth and gently wipe it across the print head until you see a flow of ink on the tissue or cloth. Once the ink appears then rest the cartridge end down where the ink flows from on some kitchen roll for about 15 or 20 minutes and then reinstall in the printer. You would be advised to perform a head-cleaning test after this.

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  1. Hi
    I have been purchasing my cartridges very happily with you for couple of years now.My last order was few weeks ago and normally I would use it to print my business cards and the ink would last me couple of months.This time however after not printing any business cards my ink has run out (T0806/ magenta) .I have used the printer rarely and mainly in black and white on printable pictures for the kids.Could I have got a faulty cartridge?Am feeling bit dissapointed I ve got to order so soon again

  2. Hi Liz, sorry I have only just got your message, are you still having problems with your cartridges?
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