Re-manufactured and Compatible Ink Cartridges for Inkjet and Laser Printers in Ireland is a supplier of ink cartridges, printer ink, inkjet cartridges and printer ink cartridges at great prices. We offer Printer ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges with substantial savings up to 70% off. We sell ink cartridges for leading printers such as: Epson, HP, Canon, Brother, Dell and Lexmark. We carry high levels of inkjet cartridges in stock for Epson, HP, Canon, Brother, Dell and Lexmark printers.

Printer Ink Cartridges in Ireland offering FSC certified and tested ink cartridge with full guarantee and installation support. Ink Cartridges also provides delivery only on €0.99 anywhere In Ireland with 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.

Ink Toner CartridgesWe supply over 100 schools throughout Ireland. Special offers in multi pack deals have been a big attraction for schools because your school can achieve as much as 50% savings when buying from us. We offer multi pack and family pack options like buy 8 and get 2 ink cartridges free or buy 4 and get 1 ink cartridge free and many more. These offers allow great reductions on prices.

Printer Ink Cartridges will be introducing a VAT validation facility online which will allow our VAT registered customers to buy inkjet cartridges VAT free. When checking out enter your VAT number, your VAT number will quickly be validated to insure it is active and matches your company name and address that you supplied. The VAT charged will then be discounted allowing you to purchase ink cartridges VAT free. That is why we can offer cheap inkjet cartridges in many brands.

So sign up now for an account with and register for our special discount rates for schools and colleges, home and office use.

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