Sales of good quality compatible Epson printer ink cartridges in Ireland on the increase has become a godsend when it comes to finding the best value compatible Epson ink cartridges and has allowed users to make savings of up to 70% on inkjet cartridges. The best value deals for compatible ink are online and every major brand is available including, Canon, Dell, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP, Advent and Samsung. In recent years compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges may have had some poor press due to the low quality imports from China. In the last 2 years the quality of the ink has greatly improved and many of the cartridges are produced to the same ISO standard as the original brands.

Find good quality compatible Epson printer ink cartridges with great savingsSales of compatible printer ink cartridges in Ireland have greatly increased in these last 2 years with more and more businesses switching to the low cost compatible ink and toner. Many online suppliers are also now in a position to offer technical help if there is a difficulty with a cartridge and any issues are therefore quickly resolved. The low cost ink cartridges available online combined with the low cost next day delivery can make a huge difference to the printer ink business of a small business or home user and for those who haven’t yet made the switch, now is the time to do so.

There are two main types of compatible or original ink cartridge. The compatible cartridge is a brand new ink cartridge manufactured to fit your printer without infringing the copyright or patent rules of the original brand cartridge. These cartridges are made exclusively for the printers that have the print head located inside the printer and not in the cartridge. These cartridges tend to cost a lot less both as originals or as compatible than their print head cartridge counterparts. The second type is the remanufactured ink cartridge.

This is an inkjet cartridge that contains a print head (there is no print head in the printer, therefore every time you change the cartridge you are changing the print head). These are original brand cartridges that has been used and returned to the factory to be cleaned, repaired if necessary, re-chipped, refilled, repackaged and sold as a refilled cartridge at a lower cost than the original brand.The savings on these cartridges may not be as great as those of a manufactured or cloned compatible cartridge. Either way, the savings available on using one type of compatible cartridge are too great to ignore for business and home users alike.

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