Ink Cartridges for a Canon iP1600

iP 1600 Ink CartridgesThe Canon ip1600 ink cartridges revolutionized the way we saw affordable printing with its black and colour ink cartridges. The black ink cartridge is the canon PG 40 ink cartridge with a volume level of 16ml of ink. The remanufactured canon ink cartridges hold 26ml of black ink; containing almost 50% more ink! The remanufactured ink cartridge is by far the best value for the printer when it is coupled with the cheap purchase price of the printer. The original colour ink cartridge CL41 from Canon has a volume level of 12ml of ink; however, the remanufactured Canon CL41 ink cartridge holds 24ml of ink, which is 100% more than the OEM.

The canon printer was originally sold for approximately £36.99, and came fitted with a CL41 colour ink cartridge and a PG40 black ink cartridge. The combined complimentary value of the original Canon cartridges was approximately £35.00, which meant you were really getting the printer for £1.99. It was, in fact, considered at the time to be the worlds’ first disposable printer. The truth of the matter is that if you combined this great value printer with the remanufactured canon ink cartridges with their high capacity ink cartridge volumes you were on to a winner.

Despite searching on-line recently for the Canon ip1600 it doesn’t seem to be readily available to buy, the ink cartridges however are freely available at great prices especially if you buy a bundle or multipack deal. Consider buying a multipack deal of a black PG40 ink cartridge along with a CL41 colour ink cartridge and you will immediately save some money. The bigger savings happen when you buy 2 black PG40 ink cartridges and one colour CL41 ink cartridge (the reasoning behind this is that you will use more black ink than colour). For the heavy user maybe at home or in the office, consider going for a multipack deal such as a 5-pack deal; 3 x black PG40 ink cartridges and 2 colour CL41 ink cartridges. This would be particularly beneficial to a school or organization that produce a lot of information packs that include colour images in their print outs.

Get Multipack Offers on Ink Cartridges for your Canon Printer

The colour and black ink cartridges produce more than adequate results for schoolwork or for printing at home than you may use in the office for internal distribution. The advantage when buying the remanufactured ink cartridges for a Canon ip1600 is the good availability of the cartridges without worrying about the cost. As good as the ink cartridges are for this printer, some tests show that the standard of the colour print fell below what you would expect to be good enough to pass to an important client of yours. Printing photos using the canon ip1600 ink cartridges earned it a very good score with a very good true photo quality for most images printed on photographic paper. The printing speed of the photos using remanufactured black PG40 ink cartridges and colour CL41 ink cartridges was surprisingly good. While it won’t win any awards for its speeds it would certainly be among the most impressive for the cost of the printer.

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  1. Using canon ink cartridges comes with many benefits. Nowadays, demand for printers and their accessories have really skyrocketed as anyone who owns a computer is compelled to buy one for his printing needs.

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