I am having a problem in printing my PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

If you are experiencing problems printing an Adobe Acrobat file there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the problem. The first thing to try is to make sure that your printer is properly connected and the cable is securely attached. If your printer is connected via a USB hub then disconnect it from the hub and connect direct into your computer. Switch off the computer then restart after 60 seconds.

If you are experiencing problems in printing an Adobe Acrobat file there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the problem.Check to ensure you are using the latest printer driver. It’s possible that an updated version of the driver for your printer that will improve the compatibility between your printer and computer. Make a note of your printer model and visit the website of your printer manufacturer and search for printer driver. When you have found the correct driver for your printer click download. After the driver is downloaded you will need to restart your computer.

Of course we are assuming the fact that the printer will not print the PDF is due to a communication problem between the printer and the PDF but if it is a case that the printer will not print because it needs a replacement ink cartridge then that is a different matter entirely. If the printer recognizes the PDF but will not print it, then an error message will be displayed if the ink cartridges are due for replacement. You should go to file> print> properties and select maintenance and from there you can replace the ink cartridge.

If the ink cartridges are not the issue then you could try to print the document as an image. Print as an image can be found by clicking on the advanced dialogue box. The PDF could be a corrupt or damaged file and this will prevent the file from being printed. It will usually flag up a message to inform you this is the case. If the PDF was emailed to you by a third party request them to resend it as it may have become corrupt whilst in-flight. If you created the PDF file yourself, then delete the file and recreate the PDF.

A question that sometimes arises is whether using non-original ink cartridges can cause a PDF to fail to print. Using compatible inkjet cartridges will have no effect on whether the PDF will print or not. The quality of the print may be affected if you are using poor quality compatible ink but using third party replacement ink cartridges has no bearing on the issue of a PDF file not being recognised or printed direct from your computer.

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