I am getting the message as Incompatible Older Generation Cartridge Installed

Some recently manufactured HP printers are throwing up some issues with their ink cartridges. After the replacement ink cartridge (original brand or remanufactured) has been installed, an error message appears on the product control panel and the printer will not print. The message reads that an older generation cartridge has been installed. The message displayed on the computer screen may give additional information such as the ink cartridge used is of an older generation and will not work in the printer.

Have Patience When you are Replacing Original and Remanufatured Ink Cartridges for your HP Printer

This problem is affecting a range of HP printers that use the HP cartridge HP 301 Black and Colour. The range of printers affected is HP Deskjet 1010/1510/2540, Envy 4500/5530 and Officejet 4630. HP have developed these printers to use the cartridges they have manufactured and to not work with either old original brand ink cartridges or remanufactured versions of the same. What can you do? Absolutely nothing at the moment apart from buy the ‘new generation’ cartridges.

HP’ reasoning on this is skeptical. They maintain that it’s to facilitate the future of the printers they are manufacturing but the more cynical HP’s users feel it’s a ploy to make it difficult to use the more affordable remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges. This all began in September 2010 when HP decided to update certain ink cartridges. They also reduced the volume levels of certain ink cartridges and said that a decrease in price would follow. They advise that you should check the expiry date of the ink cartridge before you open it. This only applies to original brand cartridges and not compatibles or remanufactured.

If the cartridge is still in the packaging find the warranty end date on the reverse of the package. If there are a v1 several places to the right of the date then the cartridge is the updated version. If the ink cartridge has been removed from the packaging and opened, check the product number on the base of the cartridge. If it has the letters ‘CN’ or ‘CR’ as a prefix then it is a new generation cartridge. The general feedback from people who have bought the printers that use the new generation cartridges is that while they are happy with the performance of the printer they are unhappy about the cost of the original brand ink cartridges and the fact that some of the older generation cartridges will not work with the printer.

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