How to save money using compatible ink cartridges in Galway?

When it's time to buy a new printer there are plenty of options to consider with great discounts being offered by Epson and HP in an effort to shift old stock and the market becomes saturated with low cost printers. This is great for the consumer but how many people buying a new printer will consider the cost of the ink cartridge in Galway for that printer?

Save Money Using Compatible Ink Cartridges in GalwayThe average cost of an original brand Galway ink cartridge is still more than the cost of its equivalent amount of Champagne or Chanel No.5. Ridiculous as it sounds, it can make us look more closely at the cost of replacing ink cartridges when we buy that new printer. If the printer is on sales for 50 Euros we may rush in to buying the printer thinking we have a real bargain, but when we come to replace the ink (which will be very soon as the new printer will only come with a small amount of ink in it) we discover a set of inks cost the same as the printer! Compatible printer ink in Galway is readily available locally and online and a simple check with the seller of the printer (who may or may not be honest enough) as to whether the printer will work with compatible cartridges. Chances are that they will tell you to stay away form the compatibles but if you find a good online supplier who is willing to give you a money back guarantee if they don’t work in your printer, then you are in a no risk position.

People can be rightly concerned about using cheap ink cartridges in Galway, worrying if they will damage the printer but again take reassurance from your ink supplier that they will stand over their product and help sort out any issues you may have. Many compatible ink and toner cartridges are manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brand cartridges and are actually filled to capacity so you get more ink for your euro (incidentally, there are some online suppliers who are selling high quality ink cartridges for 1 Euro a cartridge as part of a bundle deal).

The savings you make by using compatible ink cartridges in Galway against those of the original brand are too big to ignore and more and more home and business users are making the switch to enjoy low cost printing.

Paul Johnston

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