Sending a personalized Christmas card you have printed on your home printer

As Christmas approaches and thoughts turn to Christmas cards, it's always a nice thought to send a personalized card to friends and relatives while keeping the traditional cards for colleagues at work. Printing your own Christmas cards need not be expensive. It allows you to put a photograph of loved ones on the cover and send a truly personal message. Since most home printers accept A4 paper and card (check the maximum weight your printer will accept before you buy the card), most home printers will accept card up to a weight of 160gsm but check your printer handbook or if you don’t have it go online and do a Google search. It’s best to design your card in either Microsoft Word or Publisher. This will allow you to set your margins so you don’t print too near the edge of the card or the crease. Don’t forget you will need to leave space for the crease where the fold will be.

Personalized Christmas Cards Printing at Home Using Compatible Inkjet Cartridges and Save your Money

Be adventurous with the design of your card and use a Christmas style of font and if you can’t see one in your font drop down search for a free one on Google and install it on your PC. Maybe this is for the more adventurous of those out there who fancy using a font such as Christmas Snow that depicts the text with snow on top! Spend some time on your design and if your digital photos are a little dark then consider making them brighter using the software on your PC to enhance their appearance. The more effort you put into making the photo as appealing as possible the better the end result of the card.

The next part is the printing of the card and may seem like an expensive part with people wondering if it will be costly in ink cartridges. The secret here is to use compatible inkjet cartridges that are a fraction of the cost of the original brands. The compatibles are a great way to save money on your printing and in the case of printing a Christmas card will mean you can print as many as you like without costing the earth. When you print a card with an image on it, the coverage of ink will mean a lot of ink will be used so it’s best to use a glossy card – this will give a bright gloss finish and will not be such a drain on the ink cartridge as the ink will not soak into the paper the way if would if the paper was an everyday bond paper.

Imagine the thrill you friends and family, especially those abroad, will receive when they receive that personalized card this Christmas.

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