How to buy Cheap Compatible T1281 Ink Cartridges in Ireland

T1281 Ink CartridgesThe T1281 ink cartridges are one of Ireland’s most popular ink cartridges at the moment with a huge demand due to the fantastic sales of the Epson printers. These printers were available for as little as €60, which certainly was a bargain at the time, but now you need the T1281 ink cartridges to go with it how do you get them nice and cheap and also reliable? Of course the T1281 black ink cartridge is only one of four ink cartridges that will work with the printer, the other colours being T1282 Cyan, T1283 Magenta and T1284 Yellow. You will need to make sure that you buy high quality compatible ink cartridges as you don’t want the problems of non-recognition of the ink cartridge or worse than that, the printer being damaged due to really poor cartridges.

So for a lesson in how to buy the best compatible T1281 ink cartridges for your printer, jump on-line and start searching for an Irish supplier who gives you the prices that you want to pay this should be typically 70% less than the price of an original Epson T1281. You will certainly find these prices when you buy as part of a multipack deal, for example you should be able to buy a full set of inks with a free black ink cartridge for under €20! This price might seem unreal to those of you that have been paying full price for these ink cartridges but believe me if you get the right Irish on-line supplier you will never go back to paying over the odds again.

The reliability of the ink cartridges are always a concern for home and business users but if you check out the website first for customer support, this should go some way to allaying your fears. Look for a customer support line that you can contact if there are any issues and also is there a money back guarantee? If the supplier is confident about the quality of his T1281 ink cartridges then they will offer you a no-quibble money back guarantee on the ink cartridges. This is a good way to decide if it worth taking a chance on the buying the cartridges as really you want to make a risk-free purchase.

There a select few on-line Irish suppliers who will offer you up to a full set of T1281/2/3/4 ink cartridges free when you buy the large multipack offer. These are especially good deals for the heavy user as very often you can negotiate the free cartridges to be the colours that you want; for example, you could have more blacks than yellows if you print out a lot of reports etc. in black and white. The standard at which the compatible cartridges are now manufactured is virtually the same as those of the original cartridges so the quality will be excellent as well.

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