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Epson Stylus T1285 Compatible Ink Cartridges The Epson T1285 multipack of ink cartridges works with over twelve different Epson printers currently on the market. The multipack is made up of four different colours; T1281 ink cartridge black, T1282 ink cartridge- Cyan, T1283 ink cartridge – Magenta and T1284 ink cartridge – Yellow. These four ink cartridges will not work independently of each other; in other words, if one ink cartridge runs out the other ink cartridges will not work until you replace the empty. This can be annoying for most of us as we feel we are held to ransom and unable to print until we replace one colour ink cartridge. T1285 ink cartridges in Ireland are easily obtained locally however the cost of these ink cartridges usually outweighs the cost of replacing the printer! A good way to get good value compatible T1285 ink is to go on-line and shop around for the best deal and maybe even get low cost delivery or free ink cartridges. Compatible T1285 cartridges are now manufactured to a very high standard and you should have no real problems with using these cartridges. On some occasions the printer will tell you it doesn’t recognise the ink cartridge, this is usually easily remedied by taking the cartridges out and re-inserting them again, you can even try unplugging the printer and removing the USB lead and leave for 5 minutes. It’s worth persevering with trying to resolve any issues, as there are great savings to be made.

High Capacity T1285 Ink Cartridges with Mutlipack Offers

Sometimes during printing, quite unexpectedly, the printer will say it refuses to recognise the T1285 ink, because it is a compatible cartridge the printer is actually giving you the wrong information, the cartridge is actually empty and need replacing. If you go to your printer utility or maintenance section you will be able to change the cartridge and continue printing as before. Ideally when you are buying your T1285 ink cartridges on-line you should always make sure that you can contact the supplier in case there is a problem with your ink cartridges, then you can contact your supplier to discuss how to get around the issue. There are great on-line suppliers in Ireland at the moment that will supply great deals on T1285 compatible ink cartridges; some of them will even offer free ink cartridges when you buy a large multipack. These are especially good deals when you consider the savings you are already making on the compatible cartridges and if you can get a free black T1281 ink cartridge this will go a long way to helping you save money. Don’t forget, when you find the supplier who offers you great deals on the T1285 ink cartridges share it with all your friends on facebook, don’t just keep it to yourself. There are literally thousands of people in Ireland who own an Epson printer that use the T1285 ink cartridges and I am sure all of them would appreciate a good tip on how to save money with their printer.

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