T1291 Ink Cartridge

t1291-ink-cartridgeThe T1291 ink cartridge is the black ink used in over twelve Epson printers and is widespread today in the UK and Ireland. The T1291 ink cartridge is, in some cases, a high capacity version of the T1281 ink cartridge and is one of four ink cartridges used in this Epson range of printers. The original T1291 ink cartridge has an ink volume level of 11ml and the compatible version has up to 15ml of ink. First impression is that the best value is the compatible T1291 ink and it’s not just the volume of ink that is an advantage. The price of the compatible ink is the major difference with savings of up to 40% on the cost of the original ink cartridge.

Epson printers are well know for their affordable prices when you buy but it can be a different story when you come to replace the ink cartridges. On average, it will often cost more to replace a full set of original T1291 ink cartridges than it would to replace the printer! Madness, I hear you say and of course it is madness but there is a way around it. The T1291 ink cartridge comes as part of a set of four ink cartridges and these cartridges have a code known as T1295 ink. Of course, as I said, the full set of original ink cartridges will cost more than the printer but a set of compatible T1291 inks will be probably less than half the cost. This is where the real savings are made and these deals are only available on-line. It wouldn’t be possible for a high street shop to offer these types of deals, as they wouldn’t have the buying power of the successful on-line ink cartridge suppliers. Next you have to find the best on-line supplier in Ireland who can offer you a not only a full set of compatible T1291 ink cartridges but something extra for your trouble! Shop around until you find a supplier that will offer you low cost delivery, preferably next day. Be careful not to select a supplier form the UK who will claim to send you the ink cartridges for free but ends up taking up to 10 days to get them to you! Stick to your guns for low cost next day delivery and widen your search for a supplier who will send you free T1291 ink cartridges as well! If this sounds impossible, let me tell you it isn’t. There are suppliers out there who will offer you free compatible T1291 ink cartridges in return for your loyalty to buy from them time and time again.

How good will the cartridges be you wonder? Make sure that the supplier offers you a money back guarantee on the T1291 cartridges if there are any issues or faults with the cartridges. Another good way of selecting your supplier is to see if they have a customer support number that you can ring if you have any difficulties. Take full advantage of the low priced Epson printers on sale but do your homework before you buy and find yourself a supplier of free compatible T1291 ink cartridges.

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