How to buy cheap T1291 ink cartridges in Ireland

T1291 Ink CartridgesThe T1291 ink cartridges are available as Epson original and compatible ink cartridges. The only real difference is in the price. You can expect to pay up to €15 for a single black original T1291 on-line in Ireland but the compatible version will be one third of the cost. This is a big saving with 70% off the original price but the T1291 ink cartridge will be considerably more if you are buying for a shop locally.

What sort of deal is there on-line at the moment in Ireland? Well, first of all there are only one or two on-line Irish suppliers who will give you more than one free ink cartridge so you have to do your homework to find the real bargains. There are multipack deals on the T1291 ink cartridges that will include the T1292, T1293 and T1294 ink cartridges. These are the best deals as they are the full sets and carry with them the free ink cartridges. The free ink cartridge is usually the black but when you buy the larger packs such as the 2, 3 or 4 sets of cartridges you can claim up to four ink cartridges free, and this can amount to a full set. The larger multipacks are the best deals especially if you have low cost next day delivery in Ireland!

The T1291 ink cartridges also have a low tolerance on being unrecognised by Epson printers, although from time to time they can give incorrect messages to the printer such as saying the ink cartridges cannot be recognised when in fact the ink cartridge has run out. This is a minor hurdle for anyone who is willing to reap the benefits of the cheap prices, high quality printing and free ink cartridges.

How do we find these great deals on line and how do we know that we will be looked after if we have any problems with our cartridges? Well, the simple answer to that one is to look for a ‘no quibble money back guarantee’ with your T1291 ink cartridge. This should be clearly displayed on the website where you buy your ink cartridges from and also there should be a telephone number clearly displayed for customer support, let’s face it, sometimes you can have issues with original brand cartridges as well as compatibles. However, you can generally tell from the website if it looks professional and there is no ‘hiding’ of the contact details or refund policy.

The compatible T1291 ink cartridge is a big plus for all those with Epson printers especially as it can reduce the cost of one cartridge by 70%, add that to all four cartridges and throw in a free black and you have yourself a seriously good deal. Go on-line today and stay internet local to Ireland for your printer ink cartridges for the best deals out there.

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