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How to Install Replacement Non-Original Ink Cartridges in your Printer

“Is fitting non-original replacement ink cartridges in my printer any different to replacing the genuine cartridges?” is a common enquiry and the simple answer is no, but it’s possible you may encounter some issues with cartridge recognition. Something to remember is, that when you remove an ink cartridge from your printer either because it’s empty or because it isn’t working, … Continue reading

Where can I buy Canon Ink Cartridges in Cork?

The popularity of Canon printers has grown during the past 5 years making this brand one of the best selling printers in Ireland. The demand for -this brand- ink cartridges in Cork has grown substantially and in particular demand for the compatible cartridges. Many retailers and ink shops stock both the compatible and genuine version. The popular Pixma range of Continue reading

Why does my Kodak printer give the error message ink cartridge not recognized. Please replace cartridge?

Sometimes when using compatible Kodak ink cartridge you may get an error message that tells you the printer is refusing to recognize the cartridges. This may be an issue with the printer reading the ink cartridges as either empty or unrecognizable.

First of all check you have the correct ink cartridges installed. It has been know for people to … Continue reading

A New Years Resolution Saving You Money

Can’t think of a New Year’s resolution for 2014? Why not begin by saving money and make the switch to compatible ink cartridges for your printer. If you’re a regular use of your printer can you calculate how much you have spent on ink and toner in 2013? For the busy home user using original brand ink cartridges this cost … Continue reading

The Difference between a Compatible and Original Ink Cartridge

Some people are unsure as to what the differences are between compatible (sometimes known as third party) and (OEM) original brand ink cartridges.

  1. Cost
    The difference in cost is the first issue with compatible ink cartridges when they are compared to original brand. In some cases the cost of a compatible cartridge can be as much as 70% less
Continue reading

Guide to Installing Brother Compatible Ink Cartridge

As a guide for consumers using Brother compatible ink cartridges we are addressing the issues some consumers may face when installing compatible cartridges. While the compatible cartridges are great value form time to time they may have issues with cartridge recognition. We have tried to highlight below some of the more common problems people encounter.

Q. My Brother LC970/LC1000 compatible Continue reading

Toner Ink versus Inkjet Cartridges

Many different brands of ink and toner cartridges are used for a variety of different purposes for printing, but the toner ink cartridge probably provides the best printing quality and value. It can produce a crystal clear and sharp picture of excellent photo quality. There are various models of printers on the market today and each of them will give … Continue reading