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How to search for and where to find the best value compatible Epson printer ink cartridges in Ireland

Using Google as a way to find the lowest priced ink cartridges in Ireland is still your best bet when you consider the market share they have of the search engines currently available. Searching for a particular brand of ink cartridge such as Epson will narrow your search even further and further again if you insert your printer model or … Continue reading

I am buying a new printer but don’t know whether to choose Inkjet or Laser Toner

If you are looking to change your printer at work or at home either to update or replace one that has reached end of life, it can be tricky to decide should you stay with an inkjet printer or move to laser toner. Basically, the inkjet printer uses liquid ink that is sprayed through the nozzle in the printer and … Continue reading

I need to replace my Epson printer but how do I choose the one that best suits my needs

If the time has finally come for you to replace your Epson printer it can seem a bit of a dilemma deciding what to replace your printer with. If you have been using an Epson inkjet printer and have been reasonably happy with it then it follows that you should stick with Epson? Was the Epson printer economical to run … Continue reading

Tips to Clean and Handle Ink Cartridges for Best Results

First of all you need to establish whether or not your printer ink cartridge needs to be cleaned. Run a test print and look for streaks or other indications such as dots that suggest that the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned. If you feel that the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned then select this option from the printer … Continue reading

Where to buy Epson, Brother, HP, Canon, Kodak, Dell and Advent compatible ink cartridges in Cork?

Good quality ink cartridges in Cork are not too hard to find although you may struggle to locate the less popular brands in the city. Any good ink shop in Cork will stock the standard HP, Epson and Canon cartridges but getting your hands on a compatible Dell or Samsung may prove more difficult. An online search will usually reveal … Continue reading

Sending a personalized Christmas card you have printed on your home printer

As Christmas approaches and thoughts turn to Christmas cards, it's always a nice thought to send a personalized card to friends and relatives while keeping the traditional cards for colleagues at work. Printing your own Christmas cards need not be expensive. It allows you to put a photograph of loved ones on the cover and send a truly personal message. … Continue reading

Where can I find the best value Epson compatible T1281 black ink cartridges in Cork?

Epson T1281 black ink cartridges are used with over 15 different Epson printers making it one of Epson's most popular inkjet printers. These printers use four ink cartridges in total; black, cyan, magenta and yellow and all are available at present as compatible ink cartridges in Cork. There are over 400% savings to be made by buying the compatibles … Continue reading

I am having a problem in printing my PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

If you are experiencing problems printing an Adobe Acrobat file there are several steps you can take to try and resolve the problem. The first thing to try is to make sure that your printer is properly connected and the cable is securely attached. If your printer is connected via a USB hub then disconnect it from the hub and … Continue reading