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Toner Cartridge Printing and Advantages over Ink Cartridges

Would you believe that a high percentage IT users are unsure what type of printer they have. An Inkjet printer or laser toner printer? A toner cartridge or ink cartridge? That is the question, but both technologies could not be more different. Laser printing does sound technical but the format applied is quite simple. The laser beam formed by static … Continue reading

Things to Consider when Buying Replacement Printer and Ink Cartridges in Galway

Replacing a printer can be a bit of a headache as the printers on offer locally or online very often use ink cartridges that cost more than the printer! Surprisingly enough you can pick up a basic laser printer or inkjet printer for around the same cost. The main difference is that the inkjet printer will print colour but the … Continue reading

How do I decide which inkjet printer is really the best value for me to use at home?

Choosing a new printer can be a nightmare if you don't first decide on what type of printer need. Basically there are two types of user; light user – this person only uses the printer occasionally, and the heavy user who will regularly produce large print runs.

When you decide what category that you fall in to, the next step … Continue reading

What Inkjet Printers use the Best Value Ink Cartridges in Dublin?

If you are looking to upgrade or replace the printer that has finally given you more trouble than it is worth, how do know which printer to choose to replace it? There are several deciding issues to be considered when you are choosing a new printer but the one of the major factors is how much are you going to … Continue reading

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Ink or Toner, which is more suited to you?

When it comes to choosing a new printer, many people are unsure whether to purchase an inkjet or laser toner printer. The main difference between ink and toner printers is the volume and type of printing that is to be produced by either printer. For example if you are producing reports in an office have very little use for colour … Continue reading

Re-manufactured and Compatible Ink Cartridges for Inkjet and Laser Printers in Ireland

Printerinkcartridges.ie is a supplier of ink cartridges, printer ink, inkjet cartridges and printer ink cartridges at great prices. We offer Printer ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges with substantial savings up to 70% off. We sell ink cartridges for leading printers such as: Epson, HP, Canon, Brother, Dell and Lexmark. We carry high levels of inkjet cartridges in stock for … Continue reading