Top Tips on How to Keep Printing Costs to a Minimum

The cost of original brand ink cartridges in Dublin has risen to an all time high in 2014. When we being to address the problem of the cost of original brand ink cartridges it would appear that the root of the problem lies with the size of the sponge holding the ink inside the cartridge. Most cartridges may appear to look the same on the outside but the sponge size has been considerably reduced on the inside and now holds less ink that before. Hence the current claim that a millilitre of print ink in Dublin is actually more expensive that the same volume of Champagne or Chanel No. 5!

Save Money on buying ink cartridges in dublinIn recent years, the manufacturers, leading to the consumer paying more money for less ink, have reduced the volume content of original brand ink cartridges in Dublin. Of course the ink cartridges need to be replaced more often and in reality you are paying more per page of printing.

Printing shouldn’t have to cost the earth and with some helpful advice consumers can save money and slow decrease the waste going into landfill while maintaining a high quality print output.

  1. Print duplex – also known as double sided printing – if possible set your printer setting/preference for automatic double-sided printing.
  2. Buy the XL or high capacity version of the ink cartridges instead of a standard volume as the print volume is often higher and the cost per page is therefore cheaper.
  3. Use a compatible or remanufactured printer ink in Dublin and save 30% – 70%!
  4. Buy a printer that uses individual colour cartridges, that way you will only need to replace the colour that runs out!
  5. Consult your ink supplier before you purchase a replacement printer to discuss the cost and availability of compatible ink cartridges in Dublin for your printer.
  6. Print in black and white as frequent as you can.
  7. Use an inexpensive bond paper stock. Save high-quality paper for the important high quality jobs.
  8. If you print a lot of copies either black and white or colour, consider switching to a laser printer, again choosing to use compatible printer ink in Dublin.

Always consider buying compatible ink cartridges in Dublin to make the biggest savings on your printing. Many local shops and online stores will stock the popular printer brands with on-line shops offering good incentives such as free ink cartridges as incentives for repeat customers.

Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of
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