20 Reasons to Shop Online for Low Cost Toner Ink

  1. The price of original brand laser toner ink has reached an all time high and more and more home and business users are turning to online shopping to source the best price.
  2. The price of original brand laser toner ink has reached an all time high and more and more home and business users are turning to online shopping to source the best price.Printer ink is now more expensive than champagne or a major brand perfume when the volume of the ink cartridge and perfume bottle is compared like for like!
  3. The choice of suppliers that are now available online selling ink and toner mean you are sure to get a better deal than if you shop locally. Toner ink is now such a big part of the expense of running any busy office that price comparisons should be checked out on a regular basis.
  4. The choice of using compatible toner ink is more readily available online and often coming with a money-back guarantee giving the user added protection especially if you have any concerns about using replacement ink toner.
  5. Online shopping for ink and toner is generally very secure and you can generally check out the security of the site by the professional appearance and security logos that are displayed.
  6. On-line toner ink will usually be available for next day delivery with most online stores carrying all the top brands including, Samsung, HP, Brother, Xerox and Canon to name but a few.
  7. The compatible ink will usually carry more toner ink than the original cartridges, this is because the third party manufactures are able to fill the cartridges to the top and not half or two thirds fill them like the original brand manufacturers often do.
  8. Multipack offers are usually of great interest to consumers buying online and this is where the online buying comes into it’s own. There are many online suppliers offering free toner as part of their multipack deals and this in turn helps lower the cost of buying a full set of ink toner cartridges.
  9. The answers to any issues you might have with toner ink can be resolved by finding the answers online. Some suppliers will have a question and answer section on their website that may help you resolve any compatibility issues you may be having with your cartridges.
  10. Rewards are common with online suppliers there are usually good incentives from them to buy your toner cartridge from them on a regular basis.
  11. When you are registered with the supplier you may opt to receive emails informing you of special offers and other deals that my help you make further savings on your ink and toner.
  12. Seasonal offers such as Halloween or Easter may bring free gifts for those of us who buy online and as we all know, anything we get for free can only be a good thing. This is essential a marketing strategy showing their appreciation for you business.
  13. The savings to be made buying toner ink online can be up to 70% compared to original brand. Savings on this scale are not available on the high street in your local town.
  14. High quality compatible toner ink from online suppliers that is regularly tested and manufactured to the same ISO standards as the original brands.
  15. Printers and other print related products are very often sold at competitive online prices by the same suppliers who supplier the toner and ink.
  16. Compatible ink and toner cartridges sold with the printers are more likely to be recognised by that printer than those that are not.
  17. 24 hour shopping, it may seem like an obvious advantage but it’s easy to order from your own home at 10 o’clock at night – one less job to do the following day.
  18. Order and let the online supplier do the rest, the ink will turn up at your door, and all you have to do is sign for it.
  19. Online suppliers like to send you reminders every few months; this is handy and might just remind you to order your ink before your run out.
  20. You can recommend to a friend or colleague the big savings that you made shopping online for your ink and toner and pass the information on so others will get the same benefits.

Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of Printerinkcartridges.ie.
Paul had vast experience gained in the graphic design and print industry for 15 years prior to his venture into on-line retailing in 2010 with ink and toner replacement cartridges. Paul enjoys writing blogs, social media for small businesses, internet marketing and above all sharing the latest information he deems helpful to fellow bloggers.